Happy 18th Anniversary John And Tammy!

Tuesday, July 17th


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The big day for Tammy in May allow us talk about ourselves for 12 Oscar rarity. Odd Tammy and I have celebrated today. Not only. Our seventh year on the air here at KSO and it's been 78 years it it seems X seven days. And today also. In a weird coincidence that even know until we looked it up. Is our seventeenth anniversary. I'm sorry 1718. Are the teen demand I. Our beat up the eighteenth anniversary of being a show together. Eighteen years to this day. We cracked the Mike at WWQ. I am in Madison Wisconsin as a team as job and Tammy. And it's been eighteen years to this day soul. Happy anniversary or happy yeah certainly yeah of course every. But I noses cheesy and everybody plays that's on the Flintstones but there's a reason why we did that via and that reason is a very important one tomorrow to Austin. Specially Tammy. Who unfortunately last week lost a best friend offers and our first program director got paired us up together. Why and you had the vision to put us two together rates mr. mark grant was his name. Am mark passed away from a sick after a six year battle cancer and it was devastating to us because. This is the guy that we wouldn't be together if it wasn't for mark I don't know what I would be doing in my career I've said this before it's become somewhat of the cliche but it's not for me. Timmy saved my career I wasn't doing anything. Much until we we partnered up together could we have succeed without a part is probably I don't know but I don't know but because I. Colonel quicker than eighteen years of other people you know that John. I I worked at that station before John had worked there in I'd worked through with 2 different morning shall people and I was actually kind of on my way out of radio I was thinking about moving out of it just doing your part time which otherwise. In the meantime. They had some other morning show host than John came in was partnered up with someone else I didn't work so horrible again is. Horrible and it proves that chemistry works and she wasn't a bad air personality you look so wonderful honor jock yeah but we paired us up together it was like we're not it was horrible. And I thought that was a daily from getting fired. It turns out they let her go. And they paired me up with them they am sorry mister mark and pair us up together. And save my career I have never forget the first day I ever met him it was about a blows my mind with his apartment that bad and she was coming cuckoo you shoot yet but I'm sure you've contributed to it has a lot of the new guys don't I didn't know anything about country so I was there to learn and eight cap to her and they hired me so I didn't I what what was I guess it. Anyway things are going nowhere fast Jimmy walks and just how I'll be covering news out there should act. Low around her it was a big giant here he's usual hearings we used to Wear to the state feel for real tough as a site for the Bob. I had in all seriousness I would I would change my career I was beard too. On is how we first met I was there to fill in for my sister who does news which I never wanted to do I grew up in that industry and pointing to do with it. I aid when I'm wrong about something makes you feel so stupid and so she begged me to do it I walked in told pioneered it to your Garcia at. Hopefully it what I say it is the chemistry was instant if you are in a relationship right now. Where where you have met that whether it's a work or personal wanted both apply Raddatz in and the in the chemistry is just you just know that this works and when it happened the second we will earlier together yet and that's not an overstatement. It it it exactly what happened and our current that he's like oh I'm gonna make sure this works. So I don't really so upset last week and still am we lost a friend Jimmy wants the best friend on had a chance to talk to him before he passed away which is a wonderful thing for you be able to do Tammy. It was a fitting. That it happened around this time because eight it wasn't for that man. We wouldn't be together and mr. mark loved that anniversary thing from the fullest. When it's your local affiliate. You can never certain things about being careful you don't. Serving well. I'm happy anniversary. Happy anniversary. Of. Tammy thank you for working with these eighteen years I don't sometime I believe and I'm not I can deal with difficult sometimes you can you that you save my career mr. mark you were the reason why I know where you are right now you are no longer any pain there's no more stinking cancer in your life. We love you thank you so much for putting together with Tammy and I think EPS of one. For opening your arms to us worst of the country for us was a perfect example on Saturday just how lucky and fortunate that we are. To have a job that we love and hopefully here's to eighteen more years for its argument to brief yours with me.