Greg talks to Jordan Rager

Monday, January 9th


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San Diego's number one for new country KS so when it's gray and look at this Jordan rigor joining me on the phone what's up man. Amanda I don't Al man doing real good last time I saw you we were hanging now on the beach in Oceanside and killed in a country fast. How he goes there's MM. Your man that didn't suck I hope we can get very concerned. There's a worst places to play show than like on the beach as the sun saying in San Diego. Under the deal done and that's there's there's worse places to be for sure so like we just had a holiday season how was your holiday and am. We get man got to go home and you know hang out of family and you know to try to. Reached lucky ready to the new year and I'm just excited about what the future of wearing Oakley. Absolutely. We got the big show here in San Diego. House of blues on Wednesday were look at Ford senior you're going to be with came brown. My house have been with the T you guys so far. It triggered manned you know I'll put it there hang out another George oil and you don't change my neck of the woods and you know just being you know here's also meant we get to see a lot of really cool places meet a lot of really cool people and play too great places from. Atomic bomb and I think yes they're Diego's more about that highlighted for a long time will it or do target to come back. We're definitely looking forward haven't used well a of course everybody remembers southern boy. We are definitely playing that one hard and Jason Al Deen if you guys remember was on that track he what was it like working with them. It was so cool man you know it's dumb for only say thank you for sure you know playing the song and support they are really appreciate that I'll look. You know. That is on a song that is something that never thought etiquette do you know arm. There ought to be Georgia you know grown up and want to be in the country music scene com. You know Jason was an influence before it was friends so you know get the work when your influences and also want your buddies is great you know one of the greatest things about this business. And there's so much fun man I love hello Jason I'm so glad that you want it part of the solvent. I couldn't have been more happy with the way but it all turned out. Now correct me if I'm wrong year it'll be the first time ever. But I understand what you're not you're Jason's family U guys have some history is that correct. Yeah you know. Is is bad Barry is my my manager and natural and has been chipped out like fourteen years old. And. You know it was if it it's it's a funny story how we've map it out condensate and she's just we had mutual friends bring him out to show little alien. You know I like about 1413 and down. You know we just gonna hit it off and started up there it would help me out you know what was booking rights and you know book and batons in Nashville and drew him on the adjacent. And down kind of the rest is history there we just kind of it at all and you know we. Grew into. You know fast forward to. Now and were you know label mates and we're in this thing altogether shall just it's really cool up and were up. That's so awesome man talking to Jordan rigor. Odd new single out now called now that I know your name loved the song man good work on that definitely love to cancel when shout out in the air too so thank you very much for that. Absolutely I got to sit take care of the people to take care America. And actually you know what I'm gonna deal one Betty you're coming to town. So I'm going to be playing now lining in the show later on tonight Michael caiso and you country smackdown. So I you had to like sell the single for why people should go vote for you tonight what would a big. I think this man and one of the things that surely to the sol was our first time I heard it was it was so and so can't cheer and so. You know it was exactly gravitated to enact couldn't get away from it and I hope that when people listen to it it's you know. It's they kind of grabs in the same way look the song and a local it turned out in. I hope everybody else's but what. I'm a big fan of the song personally definitely. Wishing you all the best of luck with that one. I jordin rader coming to town at the house of blues on Wednesday evening but given out some tickets and meet and greet some people can come. Hang out we jordin as well some exe listening for your chance to win those as well even gonna give someone a little cool. Oh onstage experience to move so we're kind of excited about that. Yet cynical man I'd like a fellow San Diego have yet to come back and I just. Oh what you get people out there are so over the border hanging out with somebody onstage itself. Actually get some and I am like that on display reports circulated it back. Awesome Jordan thank you for it really appreciate the time man. Jordan rake your house of blues with came brown this Wednesday tickets and details on line. Case to win dot com thanks like Jordan ever going to get. Articulate.