Greg and the Luke Bryan Scavenger Hunt

Friday, February 2nd


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This is a special weekend for our or night host Greg. Because Greg is going to Nashville for his very first country radio seminar. That's kind of boring part of this conversation race setup or in part what's really cool is that Greg is also of the Philadelphia Eagles fanatic. So your obviously home state your teams in the Super Bowl go birds many. You are also. Doing something that many people right now would of maybe sell a child to do and on Sunday what's that you know. I've been trying for a couple of weeks now to like tell people about it and not sound like a jerk then it's really hard you Steve can you can't win you're there you're jerking it to us because you are doing what it's. I'm going to live Brian's house for the simple loop Bryant Bryant has obviously not likely applying your fourth grade teacher at. Or the real Luke Bryan. And he had his I'm a place where everybody is coming out who is like the big barn out yet so radio programmers from all over the country are going to be out it looks also some lulls good time and we are super jealous and it's hard to say that I mean is he your very fortunate that you need to do very very lucky and we can totally see that your flight while I can we break it to do this in his awesome as part of your job which is great great are you kind of worried the same time though because you'll be you don't care but looking at radio dorks. Watch your team in the Subaru I wish. Also a torrent of I wanna take it all live but I am I going to be at this game Melissa we're additional work yes our good gonna send you wanna Luke Bryan scavenger hunt oh we can't boy do we want if you if you really do except this task okay we're gonna need of a photographic proof of the things we thought OK okay. And you have to be in the picture. Otherwise it's too easy to grab a picture something else crap I don't make it look like you check it there are three things that we want you to do okay. Number one badly Q do you still feel with Luke Bryan's pet kangaroo pull hook yeah. Yeah make him give those backers women. They know they got all mad before they knew the whole story behind it I'll read it and they're you know if there's no pet kangaroo and any. Livestock. At loop right okay barn farm will do OK okay from thirty points for the pet kangaroo down to about ten for another how to make sense I got. We would like you to find something need some want. And was invaluable but but the pieces silverware. Clock and the jeweler club Napa. I. That is specifically Luke variety OK and take that okay all right up. Yeah me and I play only Asher he wanted to car on the third and final thing I'd like you get these self he's standing behind. The strongest fan. At this party unless a CU as this I just think itself the U. Some game that we want in the summer any audio proof. OK right because you know to do it in believe near miracle radio people it's not going to be too part of assert yes no it should judge should be confusing for the I'm feeling good about the last all right yeah terror mostly self with the kangaroo is the most important one. Or another animal. They have a whole little rescue there's yeah I got Eliezer a whole thing over the very quickly. How grumpy are you going to be Monday when your team loses as well. And what's the method to my madness here called Jones jinx okay and which ones and bad this break my boy again I've said this numerous times thank you plan on my news wedding I don't know why the difference throughout different time. You aren't giving up your absolute male love of Tom Brady deep male love. I always paper so I want to agers to win though I'm so tired of them and obviously sue but I am actually Tom Brady fan and I'll admit that these are gorgeous Manuel when she behind them and ready to do the talking growing up our only come on the guy just like Eagles fly Eagles gonna get the WR EI. Now before you guys is search I don't want anybody here Eagles fan remember don't want to lose any horses got a right to. They kept our great I slash am unable recap on Monday.