Wednesday, May 23rd


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San Diego's number one pick new country one of 37 KM Selanne John and Tammy in the morning. It's 7-Eleven. Let's say you say what I hear you say something that doesn't really belong there or does it change on you we've all heard about laurel. And Yoni eatery can't eat whatever was someone that's never heard the any. If you're like producer Josh and I we kept hearing Loral Loral and the one time it changed on in the freezing there again was from what I heard it depended on a dependent on the technology if you're speakers if you had speakers a registry and a lower frequency heard laurel is that correct or something like that do that one was very very technical. But there's a new one now that it's the exact same thing no matter what comes up with you here this well this one is very weird to me. Because it actually will change to what I tell you it is. This is what it supposedly to basically anything that you say it is I should listen to as does not know it's it's it would it is is it. Our show off market. Well as old adversary but supposedly according to the experts on this one. I fight tell your brain to hear this word that's when you're going to hear in their two words that you'll hear okay and they couldn't be less alike. OK green needle and brainstorm. Our. Nothing about those words sound now and when we hit. It out loud right right some have played as what do you want us to hear okay so John has the audio it's the exact same piece of audio there's not too different recording contract write a yes just yet one yesterday that are firm yes so if I say right now yes. You'll hear green eagle green needle green need a green when you the latest everyone will hear green needles you advertising yes I am go ahead say you'll hear green needles. It's three needle okay. Us. All right I just kind of via layers of our Campbell's green needle case same piece of audio okay now I want you think this word yes brainstorming. Rainstorm moraine stole a rain storm worth posting here in the rain storm drain it leaked or close to yes now listen up brainstorm. Us. I agree needle off higher brain storm is it because right before. I pressed the button green he'll pop in my head probably supposedly it's what you're going into my head and I'm hiring me armed. Brainstorm brainstorm brainstorm greens greens are British brainstorm brainstorm brainstorming. Just like areas it. I mean there aren't we're not do it again with prenatal prenatal angry needle green eagle green needle green needle. It's an iron prenatal. Now. Exactly. The man. Who got. I'm not Eric Gordon strong and which books and so OK and I heard all that I didn't hear about the coming up higher screaming don't I'm. Areas and seeing that summer is are we put video up by the way on a showing as you can see two we're not mess with it the same piece of body in the witnessing about the video is I couldn't. You knock out all I heard was it was it was brainstorm the entire time and now now I can't agree need a lot of my head really ridiculous arm brainstorm brainstorm brainstorm. Just like your brain storm. I always die hard or Mazar I three years our power.