Giving Amber Hugs On Her Return From Las Vegas

Wednesday, October 4th


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I'm not gonna surrounds him real difficult right now. Hum. We haven't seen amber since last week when she was going to Vegas all excited about the root annual music festival up and down. She's back on the air for the first time today. We're gonna ask you helper through this because we're all family here K assortment includes you are listening family in this community that's very hard today for amber. It's very hard for all of us is walked in the studio and done. We love you we're so glad you're safe. Think there's been so many of your listeners ever more like wanting you to come back because they they wanna send you their love in England. And be there for you so you know please know that Nigeria and I know you do I'm Kathy A carvers yesterday's and when. Windsor Canada the UK so. If not hundreds let me back. We are glad to have me about it very difficult I came in them like we had like just go back to normal you know you can't yeah you won't be today and that's okay. That's all right that's what's your kids when families for. And when they call you and talked to UN end and let them. How do you mean to eat this please do call and I rates what we've had. This is our third day since everything so we've had time to process and go through it and you should see us on Monday morning we were. How to control there was a release any errors. It hit really hard coming to Wear Smart shirt and I imagine a lot of that is a year and you're dealing with the guilt factor right now to you it's a little known outside because you're thinking why rain did I decide not to know why wasn't diet only here's the thing here. Experiencing this weekend with these thousands of people your all of their on the same page he had sort of like keep. Or I did but these people and where they're having a great time and then ends in tragedy union Simon Amber's. Chose to not go to the jays fill dean's show that night because she was worn out you've been there for now three days and wanted to get some sleep and and chill out before you went out for a last bang with your friends. I was there with a huge group of friends and golf five of them ended up going around there are news in the middle of all of it and can't even imagine. What they're going through. Man I was really there and silence and they were all accounted for obviously yes I mean as an accident you know there are on it it's pretty easy to find to be just search it but there's all kinds of help. All around San Diego County or for anyone else that you know who was there who was somewhere else. Because it would be a good idea and is known as they don't a talk with someone who can help you through things and and help you process because that's what you have to do which you just have to process and that just takes time. It just takes time the whole hearted hone those kids years you like what thirteen fourteen they have. Seen him yet. Oh hole Balkans are what's at all honey roll tolerates Amer really needs you. Yeah. It really needs you week in week you can tell us to do something that we can back talked you. Like a teenager that may remember that I can we don't know. I'm just gonna would you like to hear anything about yes I could easily carries are now there's not a little a little behind them you want to miss this. Listen we I mean you. I think a bloop your phone ten times myself on Sunday mourned Monday morning when I found out what was going on we're really about US and thank you very very glad that you're back and it mean we are family here and you know that and we're talking to you as well listen because you look we consider you our family and so many were at that festival and that's why this has been so hard for us this week it is you know this is this is our family is that country music family and them. So you data mine in in and you know giving amber you're your your heart today and so if the phone is like if you're on hold for well just stay there because there's going to be allowed people wanna talk to ever so. So get over time and then patients and send earlier love it's going to be a great show for you because your tennis you're gonna feel it. You're going to be glad to have you ever drink wine during your chef and it's a good. Good idea out there tonight. Day Wednesday it's I am I I love that vehement that I love you have these guys aren't.