The Girly Shows Men Watch

Tuesday, December 5th


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Eric church huge Vander pump rules and I know that. But yes or the shape title yet and is in his beanie he'd never he never expected to marriage certainly does is is there he's a gold you go girl stances Beers and everything. Yeah I had a a big fun trip over the weekend with a group of friends to celebrate someone's birthday and two of the guys who are with us. We found out watch some television show is. You really wouldn't expect these two guys to be watching RA. My friend mark let's check for a little bit near retired from the navy what is your what was your official right. When I retired as good command master can command master chief. How many years remaining 383030. Years in the navy command master chief preacher guy yeah I think so yeah. Why it's the TV show. Are you watching right now. That people would be shocked that you enjoy it and it's. Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I'm really. Really. I don't I'm trying to think. I don't know if I've met another guy it's actually admitted that thing. And should exist. Only on yeah. I am sag is Saturday and NL yeah I think a blessing and. I've given that silly shot I'd be honest because I do find this on someone in the family pretty attractive however the vocal fry yeah I can't again. Again we'll see the second and coming open can do it I'm. Hello I'm here I'm also let me is my husband hiker. I do and you've had. Several careers there's there's a pretty much. Not a thing I can think of that you can't do you remodeled our her home. And you can do a lot of things fairly well yeah dangerously Wilson Jones and and I are friends of nicknames human Geithner. Light TV show. Have you been watching that people might be surprised that you liked. Probably thinking. Dancing with the storms coming out together Dancing With The Stars. The area of retired command master chief. We asked them. I would say it definitely a Renaissance man in my husband's and you guys are watching keeping up for the cardiac genius yeah Dancing With The Stars yeah. Oh and by the way tonight I do like down the bachelor which is coming back in January. Really any good defense on Dancing With The Stars I was watching over those guys. That I'm even. You're just making it where Sachs Merrill. I couldn't have been dancing external watch the million man. I. Oops. Casey got he's got a big navy dude nuances or car dash unions and the bachelor and master her back in January and perfect and extended spring. And he's a big DW TS commando team and I wanna know what's the what's the manly man in your life watching that does not make him a manly man via 619570. 19 B 73 guys. You know earlier manly man he should have no problem calling this a confessing up to the not so manly men television shows that you catch. And not even DR math or even Colin rent out your money that's fine tune plus 6195701973. What not manly man TV shows your manly men watch and so once a while John and Tammy in the way we like to award someone very deserving with this. It's Max. Nancy and an award a man she meant well this is not one of those times truck. At a we're discussing TV shows that your manly man watches that. So manly and vanished and then includes Christmas movies like love actually. And I know that don't worry about BS from Bryan Murray. At all last week Tammy was signed by I her husband Kurt watching Dancing With The Stars a lightweight we'll. Yeah we have to talk with occurred about says yeah he's man and get my guide her eyes watching Dancing With The Stars yes and my other friend is retired a master chief who latches. The bachelor and keeping up with the card Asean's 6195701973. Eric cousins and Marcos Erica. Are you here to rat out your manly man and what makes the manly man first. You don't care about everything that I need an app making guarantees all built a car issue and it they'll pick up again and you all. Well here on the art I have outbreak that rot I got. So there's no doubt in your minder anybody that meets your manly men that this is infecting manly man. Except for one thing that why is he watching. Know a lot off. It might. Recruit. Old golf now that. Question are you married or does dating. Absolutely and that's why did you watch night you see your name dear Lola. Listen. After that long of a marriage I have to imagine that he's not just wanted to be a nice guy you likes those movies doesn't. He likes the Christmas shoes and mother may I simply danger and I that holiday classical stuff. Other banks that present a danger yet. What does favor a hallmark movie are. They can might impede you come this far. We we are. I. Am pumped an apartment at all we lack at fourteen I didn't even during my help and BP and what the ball. Oh I. Right now hoping to god you get off the phone. That's correct when I was younger I watched 90210 the original and I watch Melrose Place back to back and if I was in the I'll say it I tape it. We've got a great one. So let's will ask DOC Morita Laura Laura we just heard from a manly man's wife this guy loose I watched all the whole market. Movies of the month of the weaker whatever they call maybe the most like aliens shows MI two you don't know unless your liberal Washington and quite frankly really you know have a lifetime movies now let's go back. Laura Laura what's the manly man show was the man in what is your manly man watching us not so manly man. Well I. Manly man but it's kinda cheesy and he makes you got to meet court but that I keep catching watching Jersey Shore. Okay. And. I'm I battery watching I'm at bat that I am weird and then suddenly I'd see him sneak into the brim god bless and keep fighting rebel. Oh god what's up with rotted out and then he'd be an ever had and it ought to my I'd like at wired. Where second he knows more than that Snooki and the situation by name. Are you. I am going about it that it's not a man and I thought I was gonna go down. Because I can name the situation and Snooki and other than I have no idea I wanna wake. When I was thinking about Jersey Shore I remembered that we are interviewing Lady Antebellum in the height of Jersey Shore they were all raving about it yeah yeah Charles and he gave that it thank you doesn't earn one another guy to Greer plays behind him very game unfold like. With the industry and they're so how many times I know I know I know I'm sorry anyway it's going to make an awesome and I'm I'm not only an insult him and remembering Lance and.