Get All The Info On The New LEGOLAND Castle Hotel!

Monday, April 23rd


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San Diego's number one for new country one of 37 KS ON giant him in the morning we are alive at the castle hotel the beautiful new hotel on the grounds. Of Lego land California resort to. And we are honored to be part of this is that the. The second time we've been opening grand don't we cramping a hotelier to him I know I love it I'd love this council theme that's one of my favorite things and I can't wait for my grandsons to come visit me here so that I can bring him here to experience this producers step you've experienced with fewer kids. Last night and I can't even believe that they're sleeping. And I know if this is the place to bring your kids because they'll run around have a crazy fun time go swimming in the pool. So much so that my three year old daughter was like mommy. I'm tired. That sentence out of my toddler so that they steal. Contrary to you may have heard still do not eat Lego land hotel out of food there's plenty of food there I think our competitors kind of planted that idea but none and quality of food here and you know what I brought in British correspondent there's a lot of fun happening. With the legal and also the world family and they had a baby board this morning. Jack is also going to give you guys a little quiz about legal and illegal correct. Are a hijack cargo. And I think Ed it's great heavy hand it's great to be here with you and I just learned something today I did not know illegally in originated in England. Yes let the Lego. Yes like on his mother an English company mother and its payments that are at a public lands around the world. And obviously or in one of the let going California. So are you excited about the royal baby be born when you receive is a big deal for you guys. It is everyone has been texting me in England I get my English updates again I think super fights at bat. The Fed may be and obviously of the royal wedding next month as well so it's a lot happening so they're baby neck and get any attention to where things. I. I and gas industry around and whatever whatever second point out of trouble. That's his name is troubled. Are you have some trivia forest what did you go and shoot as some question yes I. Models the models in just the castle hotel to the councilman there's probably 300 in the restaurant along maybe even more I'm glad to say that there are in the rest in the hotel alone. There are I'm gonna say upwards of 101000. Models here in the hotel all right I'm gonna go a little lower than that Iman is safe 5201. OK so he'll put you put a missile to it slightly off it's 2100. Style but I've got to pick a number affiliates that now you can guess how many Lego bricks iron in the hotel iso. I would just say there are close to two million Q are bricks Jack from England are I'm gonna say they're actually about. Let's say let's go. 2000000 and one of the guys that there are three million say well and I hope that tells the price is right tree you know to beat in every critic. Look like competition. All right that's awesome it's amazing and that that we that they consultant he's like a breaks is incredible. Yes it's absolutely amazing some the models I really small there in the real mystery deep talent that we have huge models in the communal areas. Especially here on the track and San restaurants and some amazing ones piecing. And what's great about this rests on the kids can command and they have a whole legal hit to play end and there's always things going on there's always entertainment. Their story time there's so much to do I love the Korea with a movie screen at the new thing here the castle hotel stoked about that yet mystery I mean it's right next the pot might feel like we spent a whole play and hotel and not upset leave that told us that much to do. Plus parents you'll feel in the when the kids go down eagerly dragons and bar. Have some drinks have you watched TV we someone who did that just last time you know when I was checking in with the group the child is running around. That receptionist is like you know all the buyers he's up until tattoo like. Our bank today you I mean needs your medicine and I think the entire staff of like LA California. Castle hotel opening April 27 got out here bring the entire family and let's say summer starts early with John and Tammy of one of 37 gay as Alan.