Generation Gap With Tammy's Daughter Morgan!

Wednesday, August 15th


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Sorry it's my daughter Morgan came in with me for a KS ON a tic and parlor and by the way if you'd like to be a part of one of the easily to do is go to kiss when dot com and click on our contest page. How is the show moll. Israeli and yeah I was coolest clothes he somebody new and they're up and coming India and you're right there after their car and on and make you work forgetting to come with 3 o'clock and we're gonna play a little something co. All older Hillary injury not generation gap what is. Or are. Reached gonna give each other and expression or something from back in. They don't for me will be back in my younger days. In CP you know exactly what I'm talking about our it's a Morgan I'll start when I say gag me with a spoon what does that from and what does it mean. And down like cooking night name you like the taste of something like if it tastes good and you think you can. But it's actually from a song called valley girls are. Out I just staying or us. IMs are. Can handle playing. It sold out lie is a huge song it. Is specially California because she came from the valley moon unit zappa and the song was called valley your dollar a totally am. Upright now. I I doubt I'd get it has been a something that was like really you know just grossed out or. Or you were annoyed with something you can even use my ninth thinking about it a little man. All right your turn to give me something that is in Butte Hubert. Butte to bird. Not YouTube are going to be YouTube her. And models came up OK I know when Jenna marbles in his news she's she's very funny and cheesy YouTube her. With that due to her hand I don't know it'll. So what does it mean it's a duty to read that abuse utility of kind of delaying beauty actual beauty cheaters do an actual comedians. And expanding and they all IC so it's. Someone who does a beauty seeing it but they're not doing it well but the reason they're not doing well is to be humorous. Well okay. So and that the comes out wells under the Canada global minute okay our interview to prepare differently and our Morgan thank you for coming in and play my generation gap between any. I must be rosy.