Generation Gap - In a Pickle

Wednesday, December 6th


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Julia and I my youngest daughter and quiet the little adventure yesterday starting off with an orthodontist appointment. A trip out to a coffee shop and then our annual tradition of picking on her Christmas tree Raman doing it for years. And it's something I actually cherished her yesterday was one of the coldest days that we picked those capsules soft now I know right. But usually at their shorts and flip bust economic Christmas now the rule I know lives in the area yesterday in my November 5 so cold but he was out working in the Arnold you like this is perfect is perfect was it was a great. I took the time to have it's nice conversations about that tradition. And it turned in it to something we call. Here on John and Tim in the morning. Generation again. Diller didn't dream on generation gap. Once he's checked. Our yeah. We know what our age and kids like. And he goes the exact same. When kids are talking like what he hit. An entire conversation each other and you wouldn't even know what the ruled they were not your thing about that spirit that has purchased he had knowledge. Syllables and not the syllables what what is it called when you. Make awful we're just an initial. They do that all the time now where delightful word on the laughing I'll I OLER. Olathe have and what that means. And that'll be official phrases of laziness nobody on the floor laughing the last chance for. Yeah he's you know what it meant not just on all of the final two phrases William. When he weariness out to be just letters so Julie and I start talking about this I thought I'd see how well she did a generation gap that you in the city of dying. Knew it first. Let's play generation gap you tell me something that a person my age should never know what that means husband who were you see how well I do good and what do you guys think do I know the phrase bought her I think you do you do Haniyeh. Find out but hurt. Guest. I'm reason this sentence and you tell me if I'm correct. I went to liberty station to go ice skating. And I fell so my butt hurt and did it in your own insulin ordered. Inquiry. That is you guys ever heard I haven't heard this kind. Okay. I thought I heard some things but I heard something differently and yeah. You know. Retirement. Getting. Good. And they get offended you. In the media says the ball so arm but hurt by what you just said yeah I guess her son up from my mom bought Hertz gas. Got you OK it unit that yeah it is usually when people lake. Get overly offended on Suri cuddled put her over at that. Ha. Really unfortunate for us. I think it's meant to make them feel captain. When your mom doesn't get her from the Christmas card producer says. She's not going to be hurt. She's going to be bought her. This and so it was that tour yeah that I feel it Julia is telling. Now the tables have turned my young friend. When I say in a pickle what does that mean to you you think Julia knows this is Julie worldly enough to know in a pickle mean. I don't know sell I think she like he pickles and after. A what did you do. He likes eating. The joy you know a pickle mains. In a sticky situation all alone now. I literally have nothing appears so worldly knowledge just answer me. I will retrieve their Chris David Manny Cruz this area it's easily is a world listen dollar non. He's got a text for a mutual friend of all of our Stacy she's like it's called an acronym. That Sheila. Hero are all app at all and I Acker and Michael and accurately soaps but there's also to the mines and you know if you like will. A. Still Booker.