Garth Week Day #18

Thursday, April 26th


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What is match. Colors we. Angel never enters New York. Guy's weakness we. Everyday he's giving us some information on some some helpful tidbits about this week I'm sorry this year's. Making his debut at stagecoach all right so which one of these current facts is not true. OK this guy real finger is yeah kind of yeah before we get into our real or fake news that are exactly okay I'm gonna car seem to like a number seven. Born on February 7 recorded his album sevens. Has a clothing line a book on call silence. There's one. Carts full name is Troy hill Garth Brooks. Named after his mother's brother trail. Number three curse third album rope and the wind was the first country album to debut at number one. Knocking off Metallica as itself tight and album what here. 1991 curse the third album was the first country album to debut at number one. Which one of those is not true. I have against right off the ball OK I have staff can I go the story down and by no means. I'm going to say number one is the news that McCarthy news McCain because we've learned on the show several times about his first real name I remember that this attends college of Hollywood knowledge Cristiano we don't know if that. If he did it for the reasons that Timmy said he didn't do what changes name. We all know his real name is true oil. Royale with cheese. But did he do it for the reason Tammy indicated doors at the falsity. That's around all that to take I too think it was number 1 number 3 am positive is true becoming or being a big metal head back in the day and secure. Well a man who could tell a little one yeah. Who's got Brooks got. That humor that very vividly. Actually set an accurate picture blond hair great job mound talk. To a class right now I'm disappointed. At the moment Bellic. Listen to Apple's black album yeah. But so that's the that's for sure true. I would go ahead in DeSoto this is new and exciting is that sex Obama agree with steffens a number one as the false story the other two are real all you both. All long Palin. Hung although cars full name is true oil Garth Brooks he does not named after his mother's brother trailed his dad's name is trial he was named Ernie is daddy you see you know what they're doing and Garth because his dad was trial so it wasn't pro junior. We had continental you're John junior. Now he was. Let your real name of the trial to. What a bunch Romero made the NC a word isn't you couldn't say wants to tackle. Oh my god you're not only. On Garcia when he is down by his name is is Garth figures again. I went with Garth his dad's name is Troy L I'm not playing at odds is right I'm sorry mister royal broadest rally back piled on. Smart. His father still alive in a Wii is mister royal Brooks I apologize. I thank you for and right beating your wife for giving a scarf. Well duke. How did your kids. About alleged on coming back yeah well on the any era why you call. That would alienate a lot of us would you say that to his father way to beat their man lived. Fifteen minutes. And become what.