Garth Week Day #17

Wednesday, April 25th


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Regardless of colors we. Yeah. Where you can. Just as good as we can. Guy's weakness we. I love you may have heard me. My treating himself. Can you lie to me hot and desert this weekend absolutely all right Jim educate as what you got today so ears instinct fun facts or is it. Garth Brooks spent a lot of money to record an album and one of the songs he put on that album was called all right guy pay anywhere he says I might be a little dirty now might smoke a little dough. Tank he decided to put it take it off the album after spending the money because his mother didn't like it did Garth mommy. Make him take a song off of an album. So you're saying that story that you just told us could possibly be complete lie and did Garth smog there insist that he'd take a song off his record. Because it implies he smokes dope in the song. I'd yeah but it is it because of his money taken off. So needed to get off. Is that why you're just wondering is yet you're seeing is his mom the reason why are there another reason or my making the whole thing up he never intended song off of an album crash. What record was that off of cute Eminem on hackers can you tell me the year the you're jerk of that hot but I'm not going to say that that story is true only because. I'm assuming this. It was an X on the Garth cut early in his career he wasn't quite Garth Brooks that okay. He was a kid being Garth with a giant. I'm glad and therefore had to had to bow to pressure to pull off songs. My deemed controversial. So I will say that that is B. Jesse troops overseas and we really I think they spent a lot of hi Dave Ord. I'll always true. And he vowed to album pressure wasn't there as a mom so the song was yanked. Oh crap I don't want saying hello I'm saying yeah. I say there's no that is mom had nothing to do with that the record rep and he bought the song was pulled but not because a mom a house that. Okay and your derby false I don't know staff. Okay here's your calls Imus say it's true because his mom was part of Capitol Records we learned that from you Tammy during this month of Garth the week rates at his mom and him work label mates Seles his mom in the labels say no Garth Brooks says that where you are going with your career yet so I'll say your statement is true. Or Johnson it was fault you Garth Brooks is a grown man in Montgomery at noon. That's nonsense you don't listen here and I've even has grown man why try to do. In my career I think mom well I don't know what you. Yes sir I'm not happy I would like at least in my career goes my mom would be like when we do is it the same career and is on the label before you or even on the late night. I don't I don't post I feel that you hear in Iraq and Syria OK let's say our answer I have. Not when cart was younger. But in. The year 209990000. Mean now he was younger he was clearly eighteen years younger that we you're saying younger pike creek are you were talking about earlier not completely a dream guard but. Anyway this is Garth in the prime of his career. Actually did it. Poll a song after spending tons of money recording it the song is called all right guy OK and in it is the line that I spoke a little dull. And his mom correspondent gotten ill. And he felt that that would be disrespect because he didn't think she would like that line so he completely pulled even after he spent hot money right now imagine a songwriter. Hall rang on wall songwriters like talk that he spent time with current while they record this they bonded they had a great time he took it off the record. Think I ended up getting a little note and it checked from Garth later. Garth came 101000 dollars and that I am so sorry that I pulled the song you know you were so excited to have it on my album ten grand. The the songwriters that I wrote a song for Mark Chesnutt that was a top 120 hit. I didn't even know he recorded it but I heard on the radio than McCain rate that's how he found out that he actually got a cy Andrea art song was he pulled it. Didn't owing me anything spent tons of money putting this all together. And gave him 101000 countersuing. Veto it very interesting thing and this is a really interesting article I. I'm minister each and you need to read this because his name is Todd Snyder and it's a really interesting in depth. Look at who cursed Brooks is so it's really really good bye bye I am a musician. A songwriter and what most to a colleague Indy he's you know not someone that would be like I'm. But he's not like a top forty go round rock kind of country guy he's more that alt. Site its is really intriguing really intriguing he's like who does that would no one has to do that. No one has to close in the first hand king cigar does it nobody has to do especially. Some who's established already is Garth Brooks in the in the in the long run I'm wondering about back to the story about as a mom. Being sickened him just go ahead and pulling the song out of respect your do you think she would be cared at all. She really got on a well I really wanna do your grown man I'm. Family issues right now yeah I go to Google working as a what you worked hard to do I don't know he said that darts in his not more so tight he said he wasn't gonna do is he said Garth was in the mindset I'm not doing one single thing that would disappoint my mother now want to Goodman and yeah yeah all right so I got was so that was right that was all right all right well well although I'll. I think we seek higher mama see how she feels after this break you out right. Highlight I like how this guy this group who wrote this this honorary said if you're reading this and think you'll that's a decent thing for Darcy duke he says I'm telling you that you're wrong. I've been at this thing for twenty years and this was 101000 times more then the decent thing to do. And it goes in every time I share this story someone else tells me one batter then I'll wait us marine. With a great story that there really isn't during her approach making his debut. At stagecoach so this kid from Oklahoma he might make it yet. He might he might. Fingers crossed.