Garth Week Day #16

Tuesday, April 24th


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What is in that far NYC oh my goodness how colors we. Did you exchange coaches because it's where it's finally here it. Seattle here. As we can. Guys we know. I'm here I'm finally here coming out of make his debut. Hi there now not pop up all right if I think Garth we now for at least better part of almost three weeks not and Jimmy everyday add up until stagecoach giving us some more information some more tidbits. On all things Garth lured into a pretty well as far as Jamie's Garth quiz and see how we do Janet doing early and dealing mr. one I only have this one but yeah. Who's gonna use and a lot and limits was. It's. I'd cards of course so many songs so many albums so many things to think about and there's also been people who cover Garth Brooks songs. Not quite the same as when Garth does it for instance Mark Chesnutt. Actually saying friends in low places on an album. Not quite the scene has gone. Oh it's just it's not you know yes it is just worrying came in May I say it's unnecessary. Pardon me. What is a cover I've I've com. They both did it I believe mark chestnut came out first on an album but then when Garth I'll all right up. So sonic cover in this what makes country different than a lot of other formats is that. Artists will pick has done a song and it might be the seams and another artist takes some and for everything that artists becomes more popular in the other guys I cover curse today. And if you wanna be a purist about one would say that Garth was a cover of mark chestnuts as mark him out first. But yeah I didn't do as well anyway. And also believe it or not Barry Manilow. Did a version of Garth Brooks. If tomorrow never comes. He's a big Barry Manilow. I'm pretty good idea you know I think that he would do that's. On the but the interesting out wine net this song by Garth Brooks much too young to feel this team Mowlds. Question. Didn't pop rock band duo version of this song there are ways it just carte pricing at this point. They're really good question yeah it seems like this might be. A good punk attitude song you know. Applauses punks he couldn't hold their singing anyway I. All this. So what the heck I'll say it's true why not leave him producers that I was kind of going along the same lines as job where a day where I am too. I'm too young to Ole. That help a group that Vanessa no not at all not. And Ager iron and you don't have fourth clip to play John so what would that mean. I don't have a fourth that you don't have a fourth piece of audio and a language means installs because. Is it. Yeah that is meet first in the gimme gimme he's doing that I love the person's game yeah. As I'm. So yeah I figured maybe you would say no because there wasn't a portrait of audio that you have. Time but staff had in the background itself. Not like L limelight and I said on the children. The puck right she'll put her up yeah that worked Mario committees of the desk and I'm. It could bring out snoop dog a few years ago. What Garth Brooks we have Jimmy Jimmy NBA has another name was and always upbeat person to get beginning I got it. And the way they've read they play this song I started out slow like it perfectly round of the largest somewhere in the middle. Why aren't why don't do feel. Michael OK and then they do that aren't really Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy in the EA EA as is a media person you Jimmy Allen. A gimme. Event they've lost a son who.