Garth Week Day #14

Thursday, April 19th


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One week from tomorrow. Colors we just got crazy. I. She's coming out of everywhere. Are we making news as we are stagecoach debut. Finally we get a few days away. Heard times of crisis man. My head out in the desert broadcast our show live from stagecoach and Ford to that in getting you all the things you may miss the Monday after stagecoach when John Tammy or 37 KSO has. All right here's my Garth fun facts for the week the heart is in fact. And you recount period in 1987 as a figure for Garcia gear figure key entry share were nominated firm won a Grammy for the song in another's eyes. Paint 1997 it can also be your for Trisha not just current characters are also won a Grammy for the song huddling live Sharon. And she also began an acting career. Getting a multi season deal on the show jagged. Where she played lieutenant commander trees at Coulter who cut his season's 3456. And seven pump. Here asking if that's true is that dark true fun fact or not. The whole thing or just the general bought it is this true little story. So did they win. Their first Grammy in 97 and together. Did she start in Jiang at the same kind of see today seven correct 199737. Okay excelling and I have to work. A might timely when I work with you to Tammy. I start working you in 2000. That was after her the Chris games debacle which was the late nineties. There's too many details in your story and. He gets it wrong yesterday Hank thanks to a point in my inadequacies Thomas says the true story that's true. And I'll sit as a way to many seasons I don't remember Trish ever being nineteen you know did you watch Baghdad now even OJ is that well OK but. But I'm sure I'll pronounce Iran as I say Jake yeah. What is Jacque Jones. That is in the that is in military lawyer of some sort zone on it right. So carpentry you name Maria yes I'm sorry thank you yes. I'd card interest anyway Grammy for this difference on in others I she also did win for how I live which of course is from the movie Armageddon. No. Barbara Nicolas Cage one which won a con air Connie my got a horrible realist but a beautiful song and things. To me and Ryan was seeing it first and then in light earlier Jersey and I don't know why is the same version right just about the same but they don't like Trisha won the Grammy for hi I. How. And lieutenant commander Teresa Coulter who she played on jag did she go to many seasons issued and thank you all these 3456 and seven. But one episode eight season. Who tells you don't you want to gig so he outrageous and I kept you went to zero lot you know. Just one episode but it was a scene character once that once America means. Just stick with me OK we'll teach young lady you know about Garth. Yeah around roll out again a Garth both a literal under her little girl to a month. Garth Brooks feeling better every day right up until Garth makes his debut as stagecoach hopefully. Sunday. At stage coach we give him in line. Dark week with the man himself if he chooses. To grace us with his presence was our take on that we will we still think he's going to I think you I really I think he will Tammy are you gonna quiz Garth on a fun fact about himself and now he gets it right Iran or should he quit do you guys issue quiz our CO. Are. Asking me your quick about me tear your five kids per surely left rockets but you know Jimmy do you really good for work obligations. You're the wrong person to be messy the wrong ones let's teachers are hears of a domestic. Let's the last thing he were later didn't get or didn't see and. Every day about lieutenant I feel my obligations.