Garth Week Day #10

Friday, April 13th


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It's Wii console wandering in the desert me. This eight dollars a bottle and. Guy's weakness in my business. Crazy guys yeah right. Eric of course your luck is there and hit the Sunday. Headliner really looking for it as very first time in the desert at this stage coach I've been looking forward. Did this more more every day we started talking about this and agree to the reason for Jimmy's shows how Smart she is good it's actually good. This Jimmy worships Garth Brooks she's an in my your she has been since. Oh god we didn't know before you know you met me yet the says he started and and is really looking forward to this she knows more ball Garth connecting Garth parents did. Current picture. Remember the picture John after he had sold. On 100 million albums if there is a picture of him he has a black turtleneck on a black hat and he's looking directly in the cameras just an amazing photo OK that photo I used to sits. I'd be taped on my wall next to a picture of my mother. Because they were there to remind me of things when I was getting frustrated because at that time I was doing two jobs I was working from home for a become media base which kept me up late at night and then I would sleep a couple of hours and get the go to the morning show with you wouldn't be viewed you can imagine our frustration I have. But my mom's picture was there to remind myself that you don't know how long you how on this earth cushy we lost her at the age of 43. And to love my children his hardiness and complete as she did her kids. Also Garth was there to reminded me that yes one person one person can touch millions of people without actually having to even touch millions of people. And I he just was that's how it started with meet with him it's amazing it's more than a fan thing with Tia as you can probably tell the assets of moral philosophy I guess. If he gets it now let's do our fun that Garth fact of the day fun fact fund Garth fact of the day and see which one of you gets it writes okay it's. Blond hair. Annan big buildup now most of us know all that Garth Brooks mom also had a national career. She will I used the name Colleen Carroll that was her stage name. She regularly performed on a TV show called always art Julie. Good good beckon in 1950s and that's true story. Carl Perkins by the waist and lose we choose in his TV debut on that show. But it's did you know John did you know staff. That car some mom was signed it to Capitol Records. You wish me computer. I'll tell you little cheeks I'm not cheating iPods and all looking up obviously and should I don't Richard Petty refreshed gay. Paris mom was signed to Capitol Records and okay. She recorded under capital records from the very same label the first to label her son was signed to. Thirty years later. Rule this girl blow came on capitol anymore. Nor has his own record label and oops sorry she's the defendant so what you're asking us is if Garth Brooks his mother one Colleen Carroll. Recorded. Under contract on Capitol Records the very first label that signed her son. We may have heard of named Garth Brooks is okay for Capitol Records. Probably kept the place in business for a lot of years. Capitol Records does have a lot of history. Tell us about that. I love dear I say it all some say there aren't record labels way back went into. Okay Iran. I'd like to see tutors to contrast producers step right to think it's too much of a coincidence I have to say false. You're all wrong yeah. A lot of hotel I don't know I. Well Colleen it. Care Ol AK Garth Brooks mommy alone lists 190 I forgot the Capitol Records model at the time was all about the nepotism but. I forgot about that what a big thirty years thirty years later yes it was the first record label maker was signed to he's been through this sort of cool but the assertion that this. And I like the me. Call one. In the good old joke. Only lately and. And then on this weekend. Our eyes so Garth Brooks and his mom at one time were labeled made well the did they were on in a weird way a weird way and I don't have that cynical back in time the media to think so because Coachella starts today and it goes on next week to an institutional we don't Garth would we do go weeks or more. I want more Garth week we did it all the way till I always tell her to date me I actually we still need our head and.