Friday Flub-ups - May 25th, 2018

Friday, May 25th


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This has become one of our favorite things to wrap up our show it on a Friday and it's. Fresh and sock tan and make mistakes. Love seeing your perfect yeah. But they're you know they're not. I didn't face grew up and how I mean a lot. It's actually pretty embarrassing. And we have the magic of recording devices that can save them forever and no one remembers the great things we do. Darn it all these Friday fall bulbs really do stay in your memory for a while we present this week's. Friday flub ups Kelly gimmick is in the city of cunning gritty and traffic senators vacation all that area pop pop up all night he may never. He now lives are wrecked I guess I'm. I don't react SEC's use sponsors Kelly's vacation up up up that's how much they love. All right Friday closing. This is hockey kitty I'm injured Kelly. And respectful of you respect of your family. And he did gonna. You battery is coming detail on October 12 tell your friends your going be the wife. Well. Hello. We were inside the dirt and come down here. All your friends are going that I might millionaire. It. Was Nolan don't always have I. Yeah no I totally understand. Yeah you're gonna derby Hadley and. Old Kamal I I don't know what I love but that more Jimmy's still people out oh my god did I imagine. Well wait. How much are you guys caught the end hang on for once again I don't know I don't know what happened at the end when Jess. Stop being expectant mother executive producer jets enter into some type of aquatic wildlife jazz com putt. Adult and communicating and comers isolate your I think I was laughing at a parish. They just as a trouble under the seat. Don't want. That's okay yeah. Dorian Nemo. I. Oh my god. That right. You think the compliment you had to it was underdeveloped. And I. Communicate with people didn't see me who. Could you you can hear the sound waves. And that's what do you fish right now Obama and John Carrillo. I open a genuine SeaWorld. I'll tell my guys who graduated and broke. That's a great way to get you going out with low land and you piece to the all clear it's. Boom.