Friday Flub-ups - June 15th, 2018

Friday, June 15th


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I always laugh when people say how you guys figure what to talk about during your show up. Turns out that's not a problem. The problem is totally not screw everything we talk about Michelle and I know how we do that let's make an example of that by making the feature called the Friday flaw blobs which I have to be honest with you. Is catching fire these are nothing more. And nothing less than a couple minutes of our weekly screw ups yet you'd think could be our defined. To actually with the knowledge. Well put all 370 S 11110. In the morning all right MIB agents of this still. Without any further ideas that. Let's do this this week of the Friday if LaBeouf slowed everything there because I got to know what's your favorite she is. Let's say 140. IG shot I it's that that's that the liquid sandwich shop the goat cheese shop that makes them just let out that what do you account. But at first too eager to go out and got some not picky. What are like people like cheap. Hello. All ruined the mid. What happens. On the line. Yeah. We're back area yeah I got it right I don't questions I apologize to no question is that they've had some problems here what's going on but. I don't agree to pick up yeah somebody disconnected after they heard the cheese Clinton might want to tell. Did you notice he sees you as a free checking with you statements to coolest thing you'll open your account in any therefore if you branch locations both impressed in the in the don't put them that both the best credit. One record at at 640 when I said Brad I don't know about us and Jimmy San Diego food bank's day to dilly we are here. Pardon me that's of these. It wasn't it's. You could you baby and well and let's talk about two to all eyes for your kits for your kids from their. Record being played harmonica for this thing and hopefully can get you out of my head Timmy your criticisms. Throughout the recordings from. You're right I just said I'm recording this hope they can get you out of my head yeah. And then on its Melanie Wright who's with you. Are dying you know how I act when we get away aren't aren't you give milk yeah. Close to wow talk about how lucky I always love you suing. Really. Answer your question we don't know how we work you're lonely now he carried out.