Friday Flub-Ups - July 20th, 2018

Friday, July 20th


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John Candy in the morning how well do you know your movies 12 set Amal put you on. And new. We looked up I'll bowled well looked after senate. Her creamy Mimi. You who are going to be going to see Mir and more as she is going to be you know. He's he's hitting it. And your comes who won the second cinema put dollars through until all. Our John bush wants that and which one spouse domestic. It's not the first one group's. I just give us your shot I mean I should. Have. Sorry it would be. They show on different etiquette that. I'm doing well I hope you're paying attention here comes your 12 cinema clip dollars through Jill. Current Sean once you once. Certainly gives us the narrow down quite a bit. Doubt it honestly have no idea but I'm an app. It goes. I guess I don't want. It's yeah I it never ever count normally are. Omaha then in ever during. I'm all the recliner that dad likes to us sit in a lot to. Mention. You're doing funding would. I. Oh. Sorry he. You said that what was going with what's the what what what. Any other day it might be but today is the beginning the day of what date. Comic not. Just Georgia going to be like. So. Here's. Her journey here in freebies and in worst kind of missing you I did give comic con addition of the college of Hollywood knowledge. And we're discussing the very alarming statistic that can't let us know that the middle child in the family is becoming distinct in the because people are just having two children and a three. Not what. He said distinct yeah. Really. Sorry if this is what we heard it I had no sleep I had no mostly I'm just I'm feeling so bizarre and I am but is he promised more. Let's let the. Although maybe your show thank you so but yeah. Along with Julianne do you speak Glenn thank you for that guy I feel to BM bumps are where you are doing that. Guess las weekend. Until they're ready what is good. Yeah I was exceptional this week wasn't it in the Friday flows.