Friday Flub-Ups - July 13th, 2018

Friday, July 13th


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Itself Friday in this is something we do every single Friday and I didn't have to do these but ultimately that's. They just collect in the corner Elaine just you know what don't you love it when movies poet puts groups at that and try to do rail. Heavy heavy dose of my flub ups this week I'll ally health conscious and I don't hear one of your fly about jobs include. Her pansies already. Oh yeah how Steve just missing one of those I'm not a here and let's do this again. There and it Timmy wrap up the week winning two straight college of Hollywood not just history. I lost that's exactly what does that. Mean it well and you know anything else. On the next shot and Tammy in the morning it's finally Friday with that with then all her car. And look and dress so much all the friends that are made the relationships. That are either saved. Or made or rekindled may be crushed either way it's an interest in Saturday that the what. Can break up of the early countries. And clearly can't be whatever makes you happy John I. So here's the best deal driving your car or take the scooter. Is scooter. Rollercoaster. On Jon and Jimmy how are. I. They're. Here almost almost a lock for third. There area. Meat and let's battle it out with a Friday famous faceoff best of luck to you the Friday Davis they saw up next to have you again in the yeah sure it's a bit over seven out of professionals there I think. Good morning and care so. Elemental way around the it was still alive the one time you are being on the airman first radio yeah he happened to hear me a couple of on the dance and he never to would be guide let me forget it we only have you can't help. Hearing you can't hopes that we'll listen to have you again. To have you again pardon me. That's just gonna happen that's the way it is all right tomorrow is pistol in his country fest that is on its lob off that a fifth act KS ON dot com one think are great friends of San Diego County credit union Cox Communications scores like 61 casino fund bikes and Apollo equipment boot barn. Caltrans storm water navy and Subaru its love is what makes Subaru is super and don't forget you can take a scooter there. Even in the Coastr.