Friday Flub-ups - August 17th, 2018

Friday, August 17th


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Whether it's calling a grown man David. He hit aura all I don't know everything else you can think of belts on the area are big shock full Friday flub up this week John intently in the morning heavily ministers yesterday Intel right after. Welcome to San Diego's number one for new country one of 37 KS so I'm we love wrapping up the week with these. Oh yes thank god we record here ego get ready new artist Morgan evidence Mary did you Kelsey ballerina. Because somebody with John Tim just somebody well OK I think it was a. All right we'll see how this goes six need to receive free easier take awhile while she really tearing us. What do you want to hear it everywhere their wallets. We missed it on the next Jon and Jimmy in the morning if you. Have a brain fart. I seriously just sat there and went completely 100 simply. Sort out my mom held. I've been close in the album is finally out and we are stoked for you we know how much you appreciate your fans and the people that play your music and we appreciate you for appreciating us so let's have a big love fest and we'll tell you what you get back as an eagle calls when they'll congratulations on today. I thank you so much and I appreciate everything what they often. Carl will take fairness I can't believe he just called him they have. Seriously you don't listen to me half the time that's the thing you pick up it's good how would never have every now I'll in my job. I'd never happened don't we all. I did admit to doing what. I'll bet they call calls until then be up biggest for a good time to wrap up with that yeah I like it's I like it.