Friday Flub-ups - August 10th, 2018

Friday, August 10th


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San Diego's number one for new country want a 37 KS Selanne right down that's the first sentence I said I think this week that in just a lot. Fareed tell us flooding up in the kitchen between me stabbing myself in the thumb with a fork in John you burning yourself and leaving a blister worm on your arm is the worst. Thing I've ever seen. Though this is partisan doesn't hurt that bad it just looks so. What it's a YE I know it's a creepy yet for Selig goes those snakes that you Mosley who sneak yourself on fire and fourth of July proposal black. Pelosi lied and make big grown this grossly black snake that's what looks stretched across time. I armour he's the first thing I thought I saw our we rushed for a rubber worm from your fishing tell ya yes but I think it looks like anyway publicity for a bit don't pop thing. Can tweak it up play zone just. And anyways not us funding up at the kitchen certainly brings us to one of our favorite segments some kind of thing which is the worst of John Cheney and that would be our Friday flub ups. Gil back in the day did he wanted to world's incidents you just pay agreement. Just a blatant commercial and engineering. And well that time is not happen I'm. Yeah. Time 1000 thought that's. Playing Elliott the punts later on right around ocean Timmy. And so it was a for the new water. Mean what is the market needs another new water this week on deep thoughts with conflict her. You're chasing every other bottle of water San Diego's number one for new country 1037. He sock. I finally get used disguise words that start with look look what's look look what's. They are all right well let's do it next week brings a matter of fact. I guess what I did back until Wednesday our great genteel vacationing there are New York's probably a brief global free. A couple of days until I get back on Thursday and we'll see what happens in Iowa we're looking forward to you it's a fun that you're gonna bring back and let us know on New York went have a safe trip John.