Friday Flub-Ups - April 20th, 2018

Friday, April 20th


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And they'll surprise is that the dominant voice. In the frightful above will be mine but. Not as strong as the Greek apparently. This is what you may have missed but none thanks and gave a recording devices the Friday flub ups thousand ready buyers in his exclusive. Date besides me job well. I'm just. What do you hear some things that you don't you know I'm here that it's too. Oh yeah. And hi all I think I wanna start with nothing neuter her do you hear a softer image are we all do. Go all right this is Khaled and Noah secondly I guess it's gonna panic no I just do the phone number. All right in the Don have a great weekend the rest of it as a way the rest of it that is it will join me Monday morning. Please join us and all right in the meantime have a great rest of your weekend we will see you Monday morning remember five more days no that's incorrect stuff. It may never have a great weekend and done. Please tell me what to join us Monday morning John and Tim in the morning and San Diego's number one for a new coach Wyatt and particularly when hotel done I'll try and leisurely and we driver there. No pain or hello hey yeah. How many takes yeah yeah yeah yeah. And I love it like. Us. Talk to the microphone yeah. I birdied it out of my growth because you don't know much. Other as miles that is Michael Michael my tongue how it is what I could do is what is this why you hear this. And measurement and please remember the yeah. And it's. I hope I see people tune in on Monday because we are broadcasting live from Lego land the brand New Castle hotel. We are taking it over that's right and right now Harry Harry's ten minutes we're going to be doing and know the snow. So that someone is going to be going to see Reba and Brooks and done we have one more qualifier and then we're gonna call what are. Yeah I. You ready commitment to joining Jimmy on 137 K okay. Yeah yeah I don't I'm.