Friday Flub Ups - April 13th, 2018

Friday, April 13th


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If you can't laugh yourself and your just gonna stuffy in the uptight Brit I think deeply concerned that. Don't quote me on that. We felt we would wrap up Friday shows with laughing at ourselves. As the of the complete catalog that we have of our. On edited bloopers. If we aired them would probably get this fired. But the truth is just so nervous about this anyway she totaling I promise you Steffi I have comb through what we are calling Friday flaw book. Ops came on Friday low blow up. It's and everything here it can be heard by all children and people of all age Eric unless you don't have a sense of humor in you know. Good luck with all. I think that Iran showing again why would I would date I would think itself. So we instead of like just burying our bloopers and pretending that we we we never make mistakes while clearly you know that's not true you heard me talk. With a we are our flub ups and why not every Friday 840 were in started. The week of mistakes that we called the Friday flub ups yes enjoy more Cringely either way I know I will be a it's Friday and you know what that eight. That for the clippers can't swear to god god that's actually doing later after lobster after the last certificate be spaced out. That shot him in the morning the summer 101000 tickets times. My god toward government couldn't putt for. Yeah it's great products and what was the social what all you limited you only. Hope kids see what are the way. And pump the brakes just a seat to Bob Dole Esposito but I. Year and four. Buren worker had a year you're in a like you're in you're in the I you're in full are known me. Are we wind up with a score of Jimi to tricky to see you don't flunk out anything Becky we don't get. But you don't get Jimmy's mother multiple. Bigger problem for. These guys I don't feel bad enough I. My mom had a had a wicked sense of humor my mother was a very very very funny purse by the way is it ironic at all. That almost every blooper on that was me. Me but I yearn for it though yeah yeah you're in the aren't the only now. Well yeah I enjoy your noble. Noble.