Friday Famous Faceoff

Friday, February 9th


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AJ is at lakeside AJ late in the wings and you'll be paired with Tammy. Think your morning Jamie who's in Scripps ranch they Jamie Arnie Jamie is my partner today Jamie you've got kids right. I do hold of that. My daughter turned four on Monday and my 114 months. Oh OK well maybe he take the old daughter your old TV that the big sister to see Peter Rabbit over the weekend is open industry aware of that. I AD I saw. Coming out I think you look. I'm Cathy wood today because Peter Rabbit opens this weekend I've got things start with the letter. Are you don't know just save paths here we go look at I shave my face with this. Great. Yes I've played tennis with this. Dwayne Johnson's nickname is this. So you call and want to hear this organization you're making eight. We're yes I'll enjoy my bike over eighteen garbage cans and go okay. Ha what's this. We're at about all your little four year old daughter who looks pretty good this tighten her hair and and then just calmed down only innocent. Thinking of the relax yeah. Hey I'm good and weird guys so pick up that top YouTube. Hard work really well how about Obama now let's put a brat. It was it was bad it. And I get to that does let my kids my plastic and my critical. Oh boy you got ten with the. Ashton media leaves it. She's been re seeing removed that's a hard workers unit take it off you're going to say yeah yet but he said he tick up huge problem I don't I don't. The appropriate. I. What was is not yeah. And I. Maybe it's because you're distracted by the movie that I have my list based on which is fifty shades. Three day would come out today AJ how are you. Boone good very hot streak. And it really awkward for me. That he's in Tacoma area. Now you're trading dream really no way IRAs are aging at all that this these things start with the letter okay. For fifty Schiller for Reid here we go now might sum up my. Bigger yes. Not my hand up my it's at the end of my leg. Yes. This is a news channel it's also an animal with a long tail little red one are yes this this is what airplanes doing this guy. Blocked yes. This is what we worry about why old Blake when it's so dry. The white department. Okay this is an instrument that you played. Yes. This is not your refrigerator but they're really cold heart breaker yes a group a group of geese is called a white. Yes what things really dirty here you better really dirty mouth they say you are yes so this is what happens in football. A mistake free drop logo I dropped the ball. Okay. Jim Jim missed do this on they go backwards they do. Yes hi this is a home and it's gotten fumble in it tied it. You know some low and fire wire was the other wind yes all manner and that means Jamie is I didn't. Amount of discomfort and you don't have just won the Friday that his days. It. He has studio fifty dollars suspended tablet sushi in Del Mar. And fifty dollars for Kevin Jewelers where you get the Valentine's Day diamond park attendance starting at just 99 dollars and family owned since 1970 fives. And our sales leaving you know nothing really I. Your mouth. Great job of running up. So give me two and a family okay.