Friday Famous Face-off - September 8th, 2017

Friday, September 8th


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You. Guys hold tight. As we mark in San Marcos mark. Very well and thanks for asking today the movie it's come. So's. The in this movie. Read the book on the TV miniseries back in nineteen indeed be. And you. No way they'll float. Anyway it's going to be any good news is getting great reviews and of course clowns can't be because it makes clothes look. Or if he can hurt some pretty difficult part two there are some very friendly clowns as well though and fund rounds and today that it described clone. Things OK I don't know just go Wednesday as the official mascot of that fast food restaurant with a French Fries in the big now. Okay. The summit the hell is not a plan but it's all as it grows up ground in its. Okay this on four wheels and rolls out its small about thirty. And thirty clowns pilot. Cut cut no appeal. Not a teeny teeny. OK okay I'll look at this clip in my face. And yes my guy have besides seventeen foot I have Q well are you guys. I. The. Having or look at a guy oh or yes yes. This is I've got a big giant hair piece it's called me. No hairpiece. When I ride and two on two wheels in agony. Oh yes. Obviously it holds my parents obviously this Reggie and where America under the color of the thing that will bloggers on. I couldn't knows well. Tiny car with our anything colony and no that's right they're going no oh no OK I believe they are. Where are all right so Rebecca. My list is scary things. Other than clowns OK at that scary things in this world if you had anything to delist Nikko squirting flower approved. A ghosts OK. You eat in a week ago this is where we hear your debt to be here. Yes. This the on walking around eat people. And. Yes. This is what we're dealing with right now could be at Florida we also had a heart beat her. This is this is what were worried about her on North Korea starting. One or what kind. Our analysts. Are right this is the one who comes to get Q and you did me. Sort this is I like to think you'll be this. Yes. This is. Yes. Right. This is on it's it's when your kid you don't like the lights up because you're afraid of yes. It is. It has eight lay eggs and home. I protest why I also have X nurses come and get that one up a digitally triage or get got ghost out. This has eight legs also addressed a lot I have. Meanwhile big shoes squirting flowers suspenders yeah. Beaten Kyra back in a shudder really good news later we can't tell you guys got 90 it's only one more thing you mister Weiner saying how. Oh. I think you wins art market a protest is being reviewed oh my god by wine. Some states. All right you have fifty dollar suspended Irvin played throw back and they provide a wide variety of quality delicious made from scratch complete meals. You're very welcome produces tablet you have there I would this past week you know your salmon dish writes yes the salmon with brothel lean mean I'm good enough sexy younger woman broccoli and yeah. It actually I like it better and mangled tarts movement of my nickname prison.