Friday Famous Face-off - September 22nd, 2017

Friday, September 22nd


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In this case. College area Richard and I are gonna talk about stage coach artists as stagecoach tickets go on sale today. And we've been talking to the headliner Garth Brooks is our so we'll talk about that the first Scot in El Cajon candies partner today good morning Scott. How hollow knowledgeable are you on your reality TV star screw it. Or. Will try okay. I think it might be better if you were girl but I think we'll do OK let's see what we can you now to start because guests. What is happening on Sunday. Well explain afterwards I went on. Your Japanese. All right god don't be afraid to say paths okay. Here we go I'm kind Damien my sister's Emery county team means now. The Uga keeping up with. And what's her name that the mean one. Yes Ari Hughes the grumpy first judge on American Idol. And yes. You bag that this time John blame the last day of all the kids that got divorced. Yes. He is the host of American Idol. Radio and yes that's all right this she's got long blond hair her family owned hotel. This is she's for real housewives of New York she's got a skinny girl cocktail line. I was open that would help people. Uncle she was she was one of Hugh Hefner girlfriend she's from Claremont. You. I think money you know. Help scout when it when he said he's skinny girl cocktail line because if you're in her story you see it everywhere so I didn't know if he'd mean RER. You know if you had to wait for growth in the drink it at times. It's better than we thought that was happening on the tenth anniversary cardiac. Treatment and here I could and I can really careless. However you be watching it. I'm just say it lasted ten years so he's got to be watching is that he's an. Now and Richard Richards in college area Richard. We have to gets the ride Scott and completed six we had seven in either stage coach artists of the country music artists. UN deal of my horrible singing in describing them you do well Nazi past okay. Are out there for. Richard irony legal analyst in this it's the biggest artists in the world we're talking this hour are exactly right old school singer. The gambler on the war in Iraq. And my sister. Brother bought or. OK this is the Australian New Zealand singer married okay there yet. This is she sings he passed this. Week. At. And K. State down south is gonna hit her Irma. Order dirt like you okay limping right now I have to walk with this. Okay okay. Okay if they are facing drinking problem the comic is Owens country as us. I'm okay 00 boy. I come up with and and if I think weekends and him. And those are. Martial arts artist Bruce. For us OK if I'm a dancer. And it. Those are hard these kill CBO really. Mean immediately when your mind links. We do. You'd just got seven yeah. There. Real you think it was shot just got to the body was gonna get any of these and did you thought he wasn't yeah. I. And again. You're gonna get a pair of tickets to see Lee Brice on next Thursday at the house concerts in the park are. Because we Bryce is bosses at least. 101000 tickets Richard congratulations thanks to winning the fight indices up.