Friday Famous Face-off - September 15th, 2017

Friday, September 15th


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Into. Our job without guilt today's sell producers staff gets to be lineup that are going to be connected with that might contestant is Alex good morning Alex. I am good Sochi I have famous mascot I don't know if you heard about the controversy. Mean who can picnic picnic with Danny's new mascot it's mr. sausage. But some alert are seeing it doesn't look like a sausage it. Are you all for that snow that's what he did. Sausage. Can't turn and I had it shot. Matt and I. So I thought that we would guess is many famous mascots as we can okay. IRA and don't be afraid to say past year we now he's the mascot for the golden arches. Yes and this is the serial bare feet. Our. I okay this is the one he's. He's in not oh my gosh at all. You make butter out of this little kinda thing he wears a little Monica on the top patent. I. No no the past this is minis boyfriend. Yes this is the one hole hole hole he's on your beans are known and yeah and the Caribbean. This is when it comes bursting through the wall well it's a drink that you mix for kids. Rate. Patent and unless through the past let's go back to when he talked about a little when you pulled in about. At all so we urge congress trying to get Tony the Tiger. Mr. peanut. Good jolly green giants like Santa Claus and his ticket and poorly managed. I. I am. All right I got two little hey I topless sitting on LA and wow Iran and are you read and I can't we have big get three per acts. All us and my list is TV characters beavis TB characters for the Emmys this weekend. But he is old school to these charges current TV characters okay. All were all right here we go awry and I keep these big geeky character from family matter. And Bartel. All right a little bit eerie famous female TV character from week act in the day she did they. I. OK on the yellow old cartoon family he's the father. Homer you got. Mobster family on HBO he's. The godfather of the mall. It's not it's not on anymore okay. The green. And Mary to miss eat. It's. From signed Al he's tall cool feet clumsy character. Off the floor. And looking. Okay. Did you off fifty Carl's character. At. All. I. Her there aren't any yeah that's a right OK you got three. Lara. I Richard against the Lucy. And Tony super loser the other tough. Right. And we're gonna sit job with the pork package tickets for the Paoli rodeo which happened next weekend you'll be going on Saturday. Yeah I think you.