Friday Famous Face-off - October 27th, 2017

Friday, October 27th


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John vs champion Brian Gay. Bennett. The interest too long Sony and time again. I like it if I'm. It is we've got that Ashley is in San Marcos he was going to be my partner today and though we are waiting for Ashley is ears I actually I actually. Terry are you there actually. An epic now are you actually happy Friday. I got CME's partner back Elizabeth is back. With the lakeside in the since Elizabeth. We lost a boon whenever back she can wait. And at CU and I am I gonna go first I'm against you game against all things whole weeny okay. That was when this idea that the if you don't know does it passed right. OK I Snickers and butter fingers in three musketeers are all kinds of this. Though no more specific like those the butter finger nicely honestly crunch. Snickers Milky Way yes yes yes yes I do and he's got a wig out right now it's all over Halloween. Yes all of this this me out and just crossed my path I've got bad luck. Yes how much out of it just caught my leg. Yes I'm gonna bite your neck and suck your blood commitment of that. Other dog and house it's. Know their houses. Yes vaunted. I have the summit based immediately different person. I. Yes yes I got appointee a forget that I've got a bandage on a traders abandoned at an advantage of the employees were all two. In now admit actually it actually was bandages or. At Letterman check the rules does not allow a bit. We just got seven tell you all right I'm not only are helping you know. Yeah. There they limos team organized team right so we added Elizabeth who lakeside Elizabeth you guys if you eat right to beat nationally in me okay. Are we can do this don't be afraid to say to Halloween in your brain a year ago this is the scary one with a pointed hat the wicked. Different this is orange thing we carve. Yes this is whom. Casper the friendly and yes. This is Walking Dead and already your brains. Yeah this is what you light and then sat inside I Jacqueline. Yes this is what's inside your body or who owns the name of that is called yes. This is this is what it which rides on. Yes this is what I poured down me it's red it's not real it's. Yes this is on the Superman. We years wine of the empire where yes. This is. Limiting. Yes this is the jury that's always Halloween sometimes you'll have a warm fruit bobbing and it. I. Okay this on this is now white stuff I play and I say. Let's try and he's an apple cider apple sign gonna. Yeah yeah are in and we do you get your grill yet generally you. A. That you won this morning the Halloween he's teamed. At a Friday famous face Obama keeps saying next couple year old boy is here and appropriately you have a pair of passes to the screams own. That is incredible I want it all right yeah and congratulations.