Friday Famous Face-off - October 20th, 2017

Friday, October 20th


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Think Carlos you guys are we talking about all things pink today and Friday even as faceoff and your weight. The CEO sharing in PB and I do okay World Series is just about set share and so today I need to explain all things baseball do you okay. If you don't know just say pass and if you would mind please speak up louder. As. Let's. Here we go hi this is what they malware on their hands to catch the ball. Yes. Budweiser Miller Lite Coors. It was here. This get three of the easier route. Yes this morning at the ball went. On this line a ball over the fence in run all four bases I just yet. This is that I am in right I am not in left field and yeah. This is not a hamburger bonnet. No. A puppy is otherwise it was a yeah yeah this is the guy who runs the team. Yes and yes this is a nickel market is one of them. And so yes this is what matters where they're ahead to protect themselves. Hi this is about these I'm blanking cracker Jack. Volunteers slippery and we just were that good it is directed. Yeah well I mean we got twelve right. I think holds the other Stevens and Carlos does Steve what's your handle all things pink. I don't know like at twelve. Can I bet you can't just think about these things they can be pink. Our rates not all of them repeat that they can't beat that will help you out a lot in his ability to lead thirteen to win okay. Here Rio near ready. When a person is brand news there in the hospital there call not a baby but I. Not old by. All right this is little girl but their hair. Very. There were. With ribbons. Probable yes this is weak point. Yes this is kids chew it and make circled. Yes. This is a tackle flower. There's red there's white yes. This is the analyst Deborah that's you know one leg. Yes this is the stuff that you eat it's basically here in sugar in six everywhere. Fluffy. Yes. This is on this is I put it on my aim now all has blocked the collar. Girls. On on. Why are hard it was hard I was trying to gauge against new born. I now like now that is you know I feel about six ride today Steve sorry sorry honey you could not match the force that was hurricane sharing. John yeah. Cash at the baseball. I. I'll Nigel Lawson you got the blue I'd pick the right partner then on. You commissioner we're gonna sit there with a pair passes to the haunted hotel. You.