Friday Famous Face-off - October 13th, 2017

Friday, October 13th


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In this case it's. Attack. On cloud nine after yesterday's. Human peace sign that before Vegas hash tag Vegas strong which is why that is the theme today. For our Friday famous face off and humbled got Andrea Andrea. Is going to be your partner Tammy where you're going to be giving her things that are soft peaceful and why solve their need. Shots I took this one from another shot I didn't get a little on. Ice failure in Carlsbad or things today. And wonderful thank you so much for asking me to guess things that you associate with days okay. And if you don't know just tell me paths and here we go I'm standing of the thing and putting coins at three charities across. These OK I've got feathers I'm dancing on stage maybe topless who knows. It's also moving with that Elizabeth Berkley. Okay this is this is the legendary road with a hold children both sides. This is 25 cents otherwise noisy. Yeah. I was the chairman of the board at passed away now but I did. My no way new York and New York too old okay. This is the hotel has this device as water spouting out the lights up and yeah that was the specific hotel. Yes I thought okay what was the name of the girl and and be the beast. Bell. Bell and a hero pass a gap is darken your government turn on the yes oh my god. I just won the blank on the slot machine. That's. It's. A season ending on a welcome to Vegas. As soon. Apparently it is. Five he missed Frank Sinatra and the Bellagio fountains and shouldering. Any when he said. Frank Sinatra's. Kids. Three Buick and I understand. The bank of India Pakistan. And it would disabuse them of knowledge. About Canadians on whom. My knee injury and home alone good morning Andrea. And mine I may have put themselves in these vandalism and no matter how loud Jon is being that he is that we're gonna disk. Rhyme or things that are soft peaceful or quiet and I am sorry I was to be nice to lean on what would begin I've been fighting only succeed to beat us. And B if you like I can do more mislead the invitation for you after the contest. It. OK. Andrea here a week ago he's statue that everybody has when they're doing meditation. Yes this is a little animal that little kids have these squeeze them. I'm Bob stuffed animal. Yes what kind of rare. Act. Com isn't which you lay your head in at night. Yes this is one of these out of my hat in magic trick. Okay. Another name for a bunny. It's. Yes this is you can get them in ball it's also a fast break. This is what you all mom. And yes this is the place with all the books should. This is what I cover myself with its. Guys got stabbed in the we met Teddy bear. And take the matter and you are victorious. Dieting is enough will play that need attending college on a tip this evening. We. Have appeared tickets for you to go to the show tonight we can't art. And it has the US so she showed troop. Playing also concert early and it's going to be a great time down at the barker era marine apartment Caylee to see out there tonight in view game. You're very welcome but do you plan adding Friday plans digging here for you when you call this morning. India still I think fastest. The week. It. Would. Sound like I found nothing like the well. And homelessness like he does. Make your play in the fight him is himself seeing him in and you have a great weekend.