Friday Famous Face-off - November 3rd, 2017

Friday, November 3rd


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Sandra says 10 PM variety. And it. Eight minutes. John Murtha standing with the help of Lauren and nobody represented in the Carlsbad water polo. And. Johnson is food on the village kitchen and pie shop. Personal hosting going to known behind Melanie. And her younger sister Lauren by 18 months of morning Lauren. You and I you'll close the microphone please ladies. You and I are going to be and they get you born to get as many things. They have to do all okay but we're gonna wait in the failure much older sister known all my guys you. I give my much older apartment house but in the united states of what you guys got now your gonna be a little more difficult when you're the older ones we can do it. Because we're in North County all of the answers cap north in its okay to just ignore it and whatever else we're trying to get to the second. All right don't be afraid to say. Okay. Don't be nervous it's all good all the good we got we got each other began to hear if you lose your youngest sister home again and don't try to re currently. All right here we go. This is where Santa lives. Go this is companies kid. Yes. This is this stage in the midwest it's cold. And it. There's still one of the this is our continent we are in. The country seems young men. This is odd direction. You can travel. West but it. The west but it. I. Got a this is. There is a self wannabes on the East Coast and they begin basketball. This is where our car is all part. I don't recall this area right yes. Okay all right nice job partner hard pressed North Carolina and North Dakota has been right. In Florida and I need to get it to nail this. I wouldn't veto I'm I'm out of your. Pocket I think he gets is many things to do with ball. If you don't know is it that took a few egos be nice and loud this is yeah I'll that we celebrate with Turkey and stuffing in the Thanksgiving. This is not a lot deeply you can get a Carl pumpkins. This is another name for all. Get in the game tonight. Throw this black smoke all. You guys yeah that the opportunity Carlsbad tonight into the yes. This is it's cold but it is jacket no footnote now. I think button that I had any. What you and a nugget. This place is not orange wanna. Not orange brown. And different approach on an orange book and now. It keeps doctor away apple if he did that one life karma and Koppel thank you this is what is over October 31. Yes. I thought that ray. Horrible yes yeah that's the type of well. You know that on. Seven you guys. Okay. Tell you girls I have to arm wrestle for who wind up there you go down without noting that brigade out. Really good. Kite. I can't think on the price. Of all of those dad is going to the WW ease back down allow. Excellent nice job lady it. At big girls and water polo team and.