Friday Famous Face-off - November 11th, 2017

Friday, November 10th


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Sandra says 10 PM Brian Gay. And it. Plus the move here this morning and now Jeff they are like what's going on able need right now at donny's cafe. And a couple of wonderful young ladies who brought some food donations worth today I Jessica from Chula Vista and her beautiful puppy Mehdi. You nannies. And any also into the secure morning Amy. I think you're gonna sit tight with me and we're gonna get to get as many people who have been a military movies is that either the movie star or the director of the movie okay because veterans day tomorrow by the way. So paying handled this and nervous I. Imagine it was still just what you guys are doing. Well since we're Indonesia and Juanita means pretty I'm gonna get you to guess things that people would describe as pre. OK okay all right you ready. We got this jest here again is when the big ball and I goes down not that what is that called in the evening you almost sense it yet. These are role as the capitals flowers yes. These are puffy things in the sky miles. This is. Clears that view is that in the eighties yes but even earlier it's infants with their in the world when their first came out there quality. Not old but young and cable. This is the bride groom understanding her. Would experience. And I am Tony getting married it would it would is that called attending a wedding. On this is. I'll yeah. This is. Something I hear it's not pain its atmosphere it. And close okay. This is what you were just listening to annual music but what is that called an individual song. This is the blew up it would sky. Hi all our guys at seven I was tiny new born. Newborn yup and God's wrath dress the. Immediately disclosed might repeat your old stop looking so nervous let's go to a dental procedure is hanging up. People who have been in the movie military movies okay or directed military okay. Yes yes OK I. We'll talk about something new because none of your mind Kurds withdraw his aching. Again OK and they also put him in movies about making. All right here we go and if you don't know. The path and okay your go you can tell the truth. OK okay. This is the director the director ET. He directed Saving Private Ryan he directed against them. As you see your easy this is. An older actor make my day. You agreeing to Reno he was is. You cowboy movies totally it's W older man who talked which here. During a presidential convention years ago no okay we're gonna pass on that this is super good looking guy that was in. IRS and crews on the list wasn't yeah it's not that. Up Forrest Gump. Why don't you love me Jenny yeah yeah yeah it is you don't have seen so favorite favorite. Same first name is as mr. cook thinks it's obviously got the ball all movie star who's in diehard. I game and the lighting was it for here. This is he's the current Batman and does that ring a I don't get out of my grandfather's first name. Because Ben Affleck. My grandpa was then we we do that well you got what you really got three my three wood you thought your leg get wasn't. And my favorite car was. Yes what's his name who could have a I went into it with Mary and there's the in this. Obviously we'll check. You are joining us on Johnny team 5000 hometown hero route hiding or they'll lower this Sunday dot. I mean I don't know we'll find out about that we'll find out about it it's. Gonna be it's gonna be really really fun so we'll look forward to seeing you on Sunday everyone else by the way can join us to. If you go to kiss when dot com and click on our senses discounted tickets for you to join us this Sunday and we're gonna have a fantastic time aboard the horn blower thank you ladies who play in the fight and this is a wasn't that fun it. As I'm super fan I can tell.