Friday Famous Face-off - May 5th, 2017

Friday, May 5th


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In this case it's. Attack. Please is in paradise hills. I've got Jason in Oceanside. Today it's the Friday famous face off Timmy you at least so will go first this morning. Our topic is the Kentucky Derby the most exciting two minutes in sports are cut it still everything to do with the Kentucky Derby okay Lisa are. And don't be afraid to say past. Here ago this is what women Wear the big fancy ones on her head. I. Can this is what the jockey to ride. Yes. This is you bring your money to the window because you're gonna place. Hi this is what it's called the thing that they run around. Yes. The person who rides a horse the professional. About. This is the state it's taking place in. Yeah this is what they hit the horse to get to go faster. Well yeah. This is Tom what they see it in when they're writing. I'm horse. At all yet. This is from this the type of flowered blanketed in when they win. I can't hear you give your sweetheart twelve doesn't read it. Yes. This is that the official drink of the Kentucky Derby. Sure who were. Six are you guys who find got. OK and then I yeah I trendy issued against me jewel for the drink. I don't want for a. I don't like mint julep that horrible things and conducted every weekend. Everybody here's a guy wearing reasoning on Jason isn't Oceanside usually I didn't mean right to win. Our. This is the drink tequila and triple sacking get a blend her. This is made of avocados and what this is what you scoop up the guacamole with. Prudent milk or eat. At. Those chips lost a handy if you're having the spicy. Yes I'll into the bio is otherwise known as. On me. In the number. Yeah I look at the main booze and margaritas. Yes and you can get these are your flour corn for your tacos tortilla yes this is everywhere. Number this is the bandits play. And yes this is this country. Yes this is we'll speak there. I guess this is ruled dogs that are bulldogs. Want us and I got them. Jerry I always go to. Yeah I think that was the message you never go. Yea it's and oh winner in the Friday in his face off. And really fitting prize today my friend did is cash to spend for cinco under my outlet on the barter. Our program. Usually that and everything on the list you'll find there except maybe it's a wallop when I mean you are now you never now how an upper Whitman. I was face in the early so thank you both and playing the Friday in his face off on gay and Selanne.