Friday Famous Face-off - March 30th, 2018

Friday, March 30th


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Amber says to have him variety. Bennett. OK okay. I'm taking you down I am wearing workout clothes today how how how. This new car that can help that's it that's all I need to finally get similar may associate Euro -- my partner Tim Mahoney using tide we'll see how what. Tammy in Ellison that do Ellison's an Oceanside hey Alison happy weekend to be but. In your ear and when I Nelson. She's featured a perfect Newton he's he turned on minutes are up why wasn't the. Allison Jarrett is the need to be turned on. I know I apply all right so. And my theme is April Fool's Day hate. Since it's on the same days these Terry and so all of your answers will start with the letter A don't be afraid to say past okay. All right Ari here we go out this is the fruit that's red shiny. Apple yes this is not an iPhone but another kind. The other brands. Or. If I'm traveling over to Europe I am going at it. On an airplane out in the past when it's good and I'm. Love and women you know it's it's up. Yeah this is. Angelina Jolie in her former husband Brad Pitt this is their job their job. Yes Tom this is where I live nominee to be the number in the street that's my. Act yes. I'm not child I am. They'll yes. This is. Yeah we say this don't shop when you're getting a dog got a dot yes. Yeah I am not. Yes. This is this is that they make furniture they live in Pennsylvania they have the horsemen but I doubt. Thomas hit the shout out Stanley they'll never hear. And it. Beginning do you recognize certain degree of food and food. Yup good spirits are good food are Graham Allison your name tell you guys denying nice nine right Monique you LeMay somehow aria. I had I mean I get ten all right. And all things that star we eat for east or you don't know you see paths okay. All right guys send this to you via my computer. And yes this is the big animal with a drunk. Yeah this is. I can't hear you I've got something jammed in my. Yeah it's not the gay but it's the in the this is this is the continent overseas Europe's and it transcends our exit Europe joined the Europe and Europe. This is what we cracked and try and scramble. This is. I I just lit diet and fire it's about do. Yeah you didn't pay your rent so get out. Yeah dinosaurs are this. Yeah this time of morning it's really. This time of the morning it's really. Fast and I can't lose to don't have lodge one of my doing. You're in Europe. Could tell that it causes the when they did you got eat olive. A government. At time anyway multi billion dollar so our home and good as a drag Allison and that means you are going to see Rascal Flatts and dean. Six going to sleep training in the theater tickets go on sale for that show for everyone else today at and but you have them now Alison. It you know and that he'd that it edit that. But Kentucky's big hair and so. Often at all I saw him in Europe which is Europe not. The source. I don't get done young guys and thank you Monique and sorry yeah that was all on me. The front of his face off on Jon and Tammy 137 KS ON.