Friday Famous Face-off - June 24th, 2016

Friday, June 24th

Who will win the Friday Famous Face-off this week? John and listener Tom or Tammy and listener Sarah? 


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Holy forgot my contestants neighbors SF I policy Simon as India Dell. I immerses the lady all right Tom is an Escondido high you do and Tom sorry about that I'm Donald if you guys are going secondhand you know so Tom and John will be trying to figure out hot guy is this. And Sarah is my contested in ocean beach and Sarah I'm gonna get you to guess is many hot female celebrities as possible all right. I don't be afraid to see packs. Here a week ago she does the same night football theme she's married to a hockey player. Or get that great. And all the single ladies counting ladies out there yes I she was in friends he's remarried to Brad Pitt's. And yes this is this is probably shows ex wife. She is on hot female racecar driver. Yes this is I'm Justin Timberlake wife. It's this is Ashton Kutcher is funny because they're Gray Davis announced they're gonna have another baby Huey and yes. On Fareed I have to say I guess because she is this is one of those guys she's got Chinese wife. Yes this is the actress who used to beam and the when he married I think maybe the grandmother Mary dating a Tom crew Tom Cruise Austin. I can do I want paying it and now. It was Penelope Cruz and even the name is spelled. I'm and I want to be okay I'm crazy. Allowing hands and there's a cat and bring him to talk health it's not a launch sometime we'll talk more about that Sarah in OB UNAIDS. My it's nice. I really good really good job I would Escondido and Tony were you get your hot meals the liberties I'm. Yeah I have warnings jury thank god is who is now rescission I had a morning that the UB murderer okay you're young and good luck to you don't know what they passed. Most really low us move Nicole Kidman. Yeah thank you. A man that's me I'm an actor on drop my Lincoln right now won Academy Award from Texas. It was a man you. Country girls shake it Omega of they don't pass I'm OK that's is best for our country singer releasing rainy sings a country girl sigma for mis. Tight G com and we are we will pass on this is the guy does he tore hers the other one. No let's not forget that one this is the guy it was a magic Mike who believe that watch him dance. And yet this is big deals husband. This feels like the this is the head dude from ma oh he wasn't High School Musical values and neighbors with with with a set Grogan he's super buff. Greg this is the deal that was that is married to Angelina Jolie right now and olive. Yeah this is the guys that hang over all the ladies love muse American hustle. The this is the Titanic. With Liu but really. I didn't hit the buzzer hit. It was there and do how did you get moved Ronnie and wrong we ask do we when you got sick Halloween you know. We didn't close to winning I wish you would have done this one now because that was when I was waiting for image I didn't get. Tomorrow I'm Jimmy Jimmy likes limitation of David Beckham however Tom if you can get violent Brian imitation. Yeah how much do you get this. She did drink yeah. That's what Tibetans and that aren't there to back okay. I just ram and bump. Her right to roll at the end yeah. That's my little stupidity they all that was great to see what originally got his theory you are the winner but your -- gonna get pride for what tickets check out summer night. At SeaWorld good thing we've got these number of 101000 tickets going here and SL and the giants enemy in the morning.