Friday Famous Face-off - June 23rd, 2017

Friday, June 23rd


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This interest in Michael when mesa Michael and Tammy will get as many. Loved celebrities like to mostly almost like not quite love. The strong love strong like Coca could be like meanwhile I've got Melissa and lakeside morning Melissa. Channel all those who annoy you famously. The I have to get you to guess and knowing people game. Annoying celebrity and keep reminds all matter of our opinion. Don't mean if you're a huge fan of his prison blues will be sent out way I got off a list in my not even be mine and by by looking at the list is pretty pretty accurate. He noticed that packs okay. I hear she goes a drug or other this is the actress I have I've got my website to I'm getting divorced and conscious and toppling. Baby baby baby a hard to say I'm on me. Yes those seats. Really agreement nation to do with him this is the there that likes the paparazzi and they but they boasted New Orleans so people hurting Katrina and he won an Academy Award. Sorry yes yes I object I like my sister's car being caught my husband. Those regularly. And you got to Sheehan but I've my parents' hotel chain in another statement. I am an Orange Bowl I put a little girl from Jersey Shore. Engine and. Or. Any answers given little friends in little girl was she's. Not pass this is Kim Kardashian husband. Rapper. That was tough and yeah I had a bit to it. For you guys got four okay sorry about that was that was my my Justin Bieber three for a downward spiral. And I now. Is terrible up. What's your you're just to be Melissa. I. Analysts say Jesus is your. Didn't even annoyed by me all right Michaels and amazed Michael we have a list of the most liked her love celebrities are right. Are all right here we go it's not going to be anywhere near as annoying pop up and hearing goes. Is the famous. One named to multiple television in a car and you yeah. This is she went up pretty Warren. Robert yes this is only gosh I just got married to a mall the descent twins. All forget our past this is the actor who would just like Sully he blew. Yes this is the guy who was in the martian you'd like everybody's best friend. Okay this is only gosh this is the guy we always want everything narrated by him a combo could come up. Art this is he's he's Mickey he's gay divorce from Angelina Jolie. Yes. This is. This is eyes she was in only cash what was her movies she's a good. She was in the blind try to calm she was married to that tattoo guy and then they found out he cheated on her. Okay this is not. It yielded four. We try we tied today via out crying now we'll have to have some kind of a tiebreaker the red pixel like the isn't doing very likable guy got to get an. He's not normally heats on I'm guessing I hate that guy but I mean yeah. Well of course I'm jealous of Eddie as well but those leaks you go through with analysts earlier beyond hurting anybody complain about him lean on OK let's about it. Jennifer Aniston probably isn't gonna take notes she and she can't well you know what FAA and. That's about it now. Unless I have to figure out a tiebreaker here because someone is going to Tim McGraw. And fate sealed the sold a sold tour when it comes to the valley view casino center at July 23 ordeal I think I'll do something about this. Well done. We're planning on tiger were way up are.