Friday Famous Face-off - June 22nd, 2018

Friday, June 22nd


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Writing. Bennett. Yes. And the from the deal market is my partner Nathan you hang tight it was seconds you know Tammy and Cheryl Rosenthal Brooke do a Cheryl. Cheryl you in honor of the start of summer intimately and to get things that start with the letter soon. I you're ready. I think we have this I think we have this one big time. Especially at the very first word and a half fact that here we go these are little tiny drinks like fireball. Yes I'm not happy but. Not sour my. Yes this is all the going to be some little tiny step gets between chose yes this is the animal exploration and make you stink. Yes. This is home where kids go during that during the year but not summertime. Yes this is it cuts favored don't run with them. Yes this is she I have. Yes I do this with a needle and thread. Yes this is oh my gosh I bought it didn't cost me a lot because it was on. Yes this is bella a big boat crash that killed in the ocean. Will pass this is. What am I doing. Another word. This is covers my whole body. And I tell that the shroud. The covers my whole idea skin it's O and I was trying to. Answer your wedges and under the direction that is the man that girl comic yet. You guys got a lab I don't know I assay nation. Yeah eagle by Nate probe. You'll hear. Good enough and you're agreeable day. Then I got to get you to get twelve things that start with the letter WOK. Twelve of them until later. All right let's mould our minds together good thoughts don't know see paths here we go now right but. Wrong seven days make up this week gap hey would you marry me we're gonna be today. Wedding yet. Orca was one it's killer grant you that. We should Wear gap I'm not allow much. Wiped out let's go fight in one of these countries go at age against each other. The Second World War gap I would go surf on a wave yeah. Oh my I'm not hot a little less at dot com. Or yeah yeah a little museum and they have these figures that are made out of this candle. Yeah I not eased but. Work I'm looking out this it's clear it's many glass go half a million half a nail into this Lillehammer these are all a piece of wired up piece of its its okay pass. All I broke this is not my arm I thought I hit it in between. I would've. Twelve we. It's. Not naked we love the clock. Erica 00 big wow. I'll look at it are. Exactly right start with that Nate net that was the start of a new friendship together and then you know we do we persevere we got our minds going and we prayed. And we wouldn't mind more it was the mind mold hormel. Right I think I was trying to sit back then him. Either way neither picked up on that we knew we are doing we got twelve and I'm sorry for Cheryl did a great job as she did today need an in Del Mar is arch I'm I have that I need that and got a family four pack of tickets to the bulls only rodeo you'll be going on July 13 at the lakeside rodeo grounds. What would that work go wrist wrist yeah Greg you'd ever seen nails into woods did. Order are out there you go all the right now are right thank you very much they can figure much Cheryl. It is the Friday famous face off on San Diego's number one for new country one of 37 KSO.