Friday Famous Face-off - June 16th, 2017

Friday, June 16th


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All right. Almonte and lakeside is my partner all hang tight or is he a brilliant policy intent we do in the first round of the Friday famous face awful and I. Good morning Rihanna. How are you this morning. On the cell we how. It's all about the deaths today on our list are real live celebrity it's okay. And we just wanna try to get as many as we can in sixty seconds and if you aren't don't get it to surpass. And hopefully I won't have what happened today that happened last week it was the worst ever. Not to make remembering here reaction Almonte and I hope you do any outrage I behavior on the out there like elephants premiere. There we go he used to be married to Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman Scientologist. Yes. This is all he's so good looking he just had twins he finally got married. Yes thank you this is Nicole Kidman Hugh osmond's. Although I don't know that the country artist. From from Australia people yes thank you this is that's a great he's an he's getting divorce from Angelina Jolie to got a mess for kids. Yes this is the one who's married to Kim Kardashian. And Tanya went yes this is he was on that seventies shown he's not married to Mila Kunis. Who's. Yes on this street hill's husband. This is tiger he's got mad they shake you call me bureau. And country drew a shaky and me through. There and well past he. Committee was the stunning. Imitation of blue line and that there. And angle did seven and two and the perfectionism he needs to make Keith Urban is not from Australia. He was born is the New Zealand and he grew up and Austrians from New Zealand. Okay. And it is any kiwi and we'll tell you it's not. Australia it's New Zealand mate OK and all of power in. Album. Good morning to you we have to eat right okay. All ma I'm negate it against fictional dad's dad's. On TV and movies someone in need their actual characters name okay. All. Almost. Here we go you don't know say that I picked. Up. Our area. Robin Williams played the guy just a little girl. Do you. Yeah. This is the name of Chevy Chase's character in the vacation movies. I won't. This is a lion king's daddy. Oh. Okay. And make you know you can refuse. Some day. Yes all our best. Lou Schultz. I don't see here's the story of lovely lady. Carol my. Is Bill Cosby he's character's name on the Cosby Show. We'll go with the holding him and he really had to have both okay. And seemed to get your. You're not gonna give us that want a gala this month. All. I hope you did for OK well all the we give a college drive right I state college into. Private university. KK. A. Every kid in state college once upon a time when the date college they took me seven years agony on the Nokia and believe in myself. All right that means re not guy you are winner for the Friday famous face off and you have a four pack of tickets to the scene Eagle County fair. They remember everybody do when he reminded Darius Rucker plays the fare thee out ten night some. Can't wait for that show we'll see out there but all Andrea thank you very much a play in the Friday tennis itself have a great weekend it's 629 the giants any ideas on.