Friday Famous Face-off - January 20th, 2017

Friday, January 20th


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All right. So right Jessica is in this guy possibly has partnered up with Tammy today guessing is many things about the inauguration. That. Today though Amanda we'll go first you're Le mesa and only get you guess is many actors who have played the president's as I'm sure you're aware of our 45 present is just a few hours away from being sworn in this very day. So yeah. Two songs are thrilled. Amanda I I. It gets as many actors who played presidents and luggage in a bit more about the whole thing okay. Six seconds you don't know and talk him out to save past here we go this is the late comic who won an Academy Award for Good Will Hunting he was in good morning Vietnam. Guess this is the actor posing Groundhog Day and was on senator. This is a good Angelina Jolie's father. Yeah this is the guy oh boy okay okay think think he played Frazier. I OK this is the actor that won the Academy Award from playing Lincoln very serious actor three games. Yeah this is Amelio Estevez is and Charlie's father. He play in the west wing and who's the African American comic blank Lawrence. Aren't BL OK mart and yes OK this is the guy that Walter White I'm breaking bad. This is the guy who played doctor Hannibal Lecter. The man's pride tee you can always look fat cat then. Yeah you know do it at. Yeah. This is the got a hold the boombox over his head and say anything. Com. Yes perhaps. Only asking. As you're gonna say John Q thank you guys did eight nice job Amanda you did a real good job we go to Jessica invested Jessica you gotta get nine right to win. Our panel and neon and tried Jessica Nile this whole I have seen does that have to do with inauguration day okay. Here we go all I pledge allegiance to the all right this is the people who protect the president. Yeah this is what they put their hand downwind they take that that all. I yes. This is his wife she'll be known as. Not second leg yes. This is. This is the people who covered this whole event. You know the people coverage on television and radio there and yes. This isn't what it's called when he puts his hand on the Bible. On the ice did not a word I just did a white. This is Sheffield that you none of this on the air. Now. And we'll oddsmakers really yeah. This is his second in command. I'd guess this is. This. Oh you guys got six right today we are trying to get I was trying to get to do swearing in. I was wearing in test producers have always has dreary I'll pick up a. All right nice drives just given Amanda today and we got on really nice to. Hey you really did a good job it yeah you dead. Yeah answer that you're gonna pick up a pair of tickets to SeaWorld San Diego. Enjoy that have a great defense and play in the fight industry saw both Jessica and just and the man then Melissa.