Friday Famous Face-off - January 12th, 2018

Friday, January 12th


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When that we got amber. Both from Imperial Beach on knowledgeable of the pop. Up. Even though they don't like ideally ever been in touch not. When is my partner and wanted to do all things Olympics when you hang tight. We'll see how Tammy. An amber do with your topic Tammy yes which is things about being sick at which everyone dealing with right now are you are you sick amber did you escape. Our I don't know where you are none of your listened to you and I don't judging you are right. Concealed. Don't forget that passed on writes it and this is this. Rule is rumored bad. Yes this is what your mom always makes you when you're ill it's warm and comfortable. This is you need to drink any of this you don't get dehydrated. Water. And this is. And that during the July hopefully catch up on mine these. You. This is a hundred and floor. On the word for. I have. This is and written list. I have to go see this person because I need some prescriptions. Up to. Blow my nose. This is what I take my temperature with. And this is who won't let them alone now and move would like. Oh yes. And this is if I covered myself up a lot of these on the. Man nice job amber just some old is new on the right things to the incidents that you kind of lead times to instill in amber and that was lower than sixty seconds. You know got 111. All and. Well and good morning win or when we get twelve to win. Well you just quit whatever the confidence. Hopefully in the topic. Are you Olympic or you can even. Well you're not against that type of sports or anything like relative and this is this is keep our minds together and get through this and you don't notice it can. All right the chargers the Padres are all kinds of sports wise. Yes. I fly this whole weeks to its feet. Gas. Oh snake and you see what his name of that or are. In charge of the team he is the head. Not the silver the gold. Medal. Are. These clothes everyday afterwards to actually close it's my team. There were no no. Look like in the military awareness. Yes. It's where the Olympics are being held in the north like. It's hmm okay this these games are held every four years here the live I'll whoop okay I'm. That's over now runs but. Yes that you're much okay well here they can not nice bronze not gold but. Yes a light. Man was half. With a felony I know. That's who was. You know that either right proof. That OSHA is a live Pickering is. And opening ceremony and I'm holly describe the openings and this is what starts the organs off on television now. Anyway I've wherever you are there. It is such. A pack of tickets to SeaWorld CD eagle for their new experience it's called inside look at eleven behind the scenes are up close experiences. You get to meet animals to be super thank you both are running in his face off have a great weekend. Thinking for starting dale Johnson. Oh yeah. Drew seven kiss.