Friday Famous Face-off - February 23rd, 2018

Friday, February 23rd


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Our eyes. Think there's no wow. I just espresso can you tell I'm looking I'm I'm not we've got a hell of an ocean side he is my partner Chris and always has picked Tammy. Today we're talking about the black panther during the week black panther. Ellison using weapons yet. It's great it's so glad you're gonna love it so that if you're in that kind of thing and maybe not. Rebecca. A powerful women in that movie yes there are not become a fifth. Elsa public advocate of black Panthers beat is the first letter of black things start with the letter VOK. Are you don't know EZ pass here we go you blow this Sunday giving kids birthday parties but. And they're easy put out and I'll throw this in the air and catch it. Oh man whose movie is so slow. Or yeah yeah okay. And that is in a win without this. Yeah ha and then let's take bread and a good thing we did a lot. OK this is me rolling it all and knocking down pins were my doing. This is at least the pedal on my car and staffing. Tomorrow we'll know. Oh my arm is scrapping at a time. Well this or is the inside my skin is that in his mind. Doing rapidly. Opening the globe as political. Hum. He got eleven doesn't really get her bed and acting and all its own zone it was awesome. All right Chris we have a tough job Chris we have to get twelve to win but I have faith and you. All right because you're Chris from Callaway and my letter is cheaper and third seed we got a gallon are if you don't know say pass. Here we go this is a scary fish that eats flash. Iran and this is and lady. Yes hi this is what we don't throw the ocean we we began these kind of bags. Yes this is that the doll whose nose grew when he told a lie. Note yes this is a not a threat to have a big. Party yes this is 1011. Yes this is every little girl once when the tiny horse. Yes this is the black and white spirits so cute. Yes this is a year under arrest. Only yes this is candy that comes out of a little ahead in the little skinny thing little tiny candy. Yes this is how layout was one of bomb Cinderella was one of them yes. This is an allergy it's I know it's not an all windy but yes. This is this is another kind of not they did you come this way Dick reckon they're green. Man do you guys need twelve to beat the awesome job it Allison did. You got your way. It'll be a real quality Friday in the face while that was good you Chris really well done did good clue yet they Q the last us pistachio that we couldn't get that was the green and they want I know. We usually say you want to be necessary. I'm all this year I love this Crisco as you are gonna be sitting in the front row to the WWE. This Monday a valley view casino center. Oh yeah. We got up and potentially where the splash don't see. The analyst we want to go out and yet an. Image. So you're saying I want is it's on the part of that was they saw the as the great job figures sort of duke. We'll put you and if we're all judged him all morning long before the please I guess so and.