Friday Famous Face-Off - December 23rd, 2016

Friday, December 23rd


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And we had just you mean when you gotta do the addition what I mean well ahead as. Now our intensity is as my partner wanted to get do you discuss is in the New Year's Eve. Items as we can sixty butt killed in Oceanside Merry Christmas Galen. IRA. Caitlin I'll Wear category is everything about Christmas. And don't be afraid to say OK and I people from our lists are really easy today. So this is going to be a rapid fire round I have a feeling. Oh dear we Ocalan. Okay this is what families under the tree. Yes this is the person I just mentions. We'll. We'll. Pull all the oh. Yeah this is what you would you leave him milk cans. Yes this is a little helpers. Yes this is how the white stuff that false. I don't yes this is a little person in the Manger. Yes this is what John Glenn's. And there okay I'm in the past I'll when you go house to house and seeing. Yes this is the green guy who's holed everything from Louisville. Yes this is where you get your stocking when you're knotty. This is who pulls this way. Yes yes. This is what you put around the president can you can curl lipped in and you ask it this is what happens when water freezes it turns you. Yes this is why it's seem to have on his. I was real. We pass and sleigh bells I I was I every thing I thought of to say it had slayer rebels in itself. All right hang out at wow and Kalin as the gun market how you don't tell. I'm doing great yourself. I'm doing well although Leo lot of work to do that media thirteen these rights we can win okay. All things New Year's you don't know save past here we go what I'm doing right now three to one. Nor is that what is that 321. Yes this is popping the cork on a bottle of yes it's it's it's new years we were a little big old and I were from back. Are yes yes it's New Year's Day when the clock strikes. Oh yes yes I want bread and I want bred to be crusty side I want it to be like you were. Yes this is little bits of paper you throw in every weird. Yes yes this is the basin in New York where one gathers. Yes this one McConnell lose weight this year I'm gonna want to drink this. Yes I mean arguing of those new law. Yes not a lift. But this to take. For car. I mean. Action OK this is the small little food that you eat like with a hot dogs and meatballs and Minnesota Fred Taylor French. Ray that's really good guess and now or serves and boo birds. Yeah well you got denying them and got. Hey. Wrong honey and you obviously crossed your dreams as well sorry about that hopefully I can help the market a market Yuri. Holidays really end. How affordability. You. And the holidays Celine I confession a REK and you are there. In a rather famous face. We have. Four pack of tickets to the San Diego international auto show runs December 29 through January sack so go when he did that could free you look. Yeah and you have the distinction of being the final Friday famously soft contestant of the year. I do worry you'll have to. I enjoy the holiday extravaganza so Merry Christmas you both mark and Taylor appreciate you very much in 2016 hoping. He put doesn't point 72.