Friday Famous Face-off - Christmas Songs Edition

Friday, December 22nd


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Sammy him variety. And it. The year and that means we're doing Christmas Carol film lyrics. We yesterday has evolved into it again Tammy is an alcohol and Andrew is in Campo the battle of the sexes this morning when you know I like that I like that all right this is an example guys we're looking for Jimmy you'd better watch out you better not cry you better not pound I'm telling you Mattel works you finished the lyrics. They'll start easy and give a bit more difficult to remember you have to be singing of were singing your singing Hayes is Andrew is both of them vocal guys until it. Write to me heavily out during a radio down. I'm lecturing us on Tuesday and I think that's just reverberations from their Bluetooth now well as financially and here's thousand. Think again because very well. Here's the deal were gonna be singing a song to you you will finish the lyrics you ready for this. Ari you when he Andrew will start Jon Andrew the story of an easy one. Guys on mama kissing semantical. It's underneath. That it. Bill. That's the easy one underneath them is sold so. This is the first one is the last show of the year. Or so where you get us on the underneath mistletoe last night's. Adrien and you know more snow now. PT and here we go jingle now jingle bells jingle. Our egg. And Oscar. Must have been yes and I have never easy path that's Mamie all right Andrew here we are you ready. I want always issue a mayor Rick Chris Smith's I wanna wish you Mary Chris Smith's I want to wish you a Merry Christmas from. The. A game. I all right Jimmy hearing Al. Names mean mean. We'll neat Christmas is. Just like no one guy. There are there. Are right now you are on the Indian car and and you're here we go now. Just hear those live bills dealing ring thing tingling to come on it's lovely weather for a sleigh like together with you who outside. If you got a I'd be so stoked. Up just to hear us and the snow is falling and friends are calling you. All right so high so that means Jimmy you've got to get this one right and if you do that you're the winner I am ready. You recount. Santa baby slip a sable under the tree form me a stable in an awfully good girl Santa baby. I table I mean. I think coming out and I have to talk a. He's able I was going I just. That's what is our yeah that's exactly what is so Tammy and you are the winner we're gonna set you up with a 100 dollar gift certificates. Take Kevin Jewelers FEMA Leo since 1975. With 33 retail locations for you know find the perfect gift. Tammy and you think you will have something nice for you is we do injuries could get a pair of tickets to the senior international auto show going on December 20 set 128 through the first. Mary Chris when girls and guys for singing with us we appreciate you very much and happy holidays Johnson.