Friday of 1,000 Flags

Friday, July 1st


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Celebrating America cannot be for the it's John and ten. Some flags on KS ON. All right everybody Don together it is too low still Friday 1000 flags roll call Bruce's staff. I'm here at broad front there it made seven of my dad gone what are a well each couple weeks off the thirteenth part out at a Wal-Mart and Erica. The girl that's right at night dragging. Granted America. Going on red tape from the night yet yes waited get a bad you can do both boarding goes you got it goes well the play. I mean look it's there are no topic better spotlight but only fight back so we've got all I need your American flag for you guys. For the fourth of July couples find it waffles why black. And lately little plug in for yourself Susan finally you are doing what you do and yeah. All right associate producer Jessica where you that. I premier made the marketplace confronted as far back right up. Fifteen and Mira mesa got and I want you to come see me first because I'm competitive and at my oh my god I'm fresh. Listen we're I love this girl yeah. Is why she's got a huge career I think that in this market came producer Stephanie you've found your police officer yet. Yes don't I don't feel right now. Us down. I was laughing. Well you the police officers and so fun out. Here on the call while don't joke. The boat. And here please producers have. Many notes that in movement he had bought that okay. I am pretty sure that forgot it every morning I can't go ahead and it's. Playing would you like an American morning just using. Any I'll Robert Allenby Robert McKinley high five as well and got a good putt I thought. Thank you all around three out of my under and blind you and a scary and I'm Robert hey you know what you do. I think they figured it. The most acute. All right Jessica by the way that means that person does already a little more flags and I knew you guys going to do I'm I'm I'm not bullets at Anita under people all right guys pretty good idea. Just grab it and nothing from the from a team down here and we're going to be heading out. Blank today it I don't know what laid guard. Yeah. Ripper attacks and our military guys next hour okay all right. Birthday America but couldn't pick and and does a gross month's general amazed that Jessica's -- me some markets that are outside the Starbucks off the fifteen and Mira mesa. And nights with Greg here in over shopping plaza in Chula Vista details again someone dot com this is fun go get your flag man man with a solid is about. Celebrating. You can get a feel for the it's Johnny and ten. Doesn't flags on KS JoAnne. Peterson's death during Friday of a thousand flags looks up what you are. And hey. You know I've got a group of big oil are playing out at our product not gonna go around a stable haven't interviewed them come to let up plan that we'd get clarity that a one of their laughs he uttered to himself what you think. Well when is Bruce. Put it up plan for the fourth of July weekend a little enough. Eaten by the Bloomberg starts didn't even have a great barbecue what are you gonna be grounds. Burgers and live. You go on and up here are a couple more violent or do it every morning. All that report I have to forces driving but he put them we certainly are if you are good this statement this. You doing today. Want it. Same thing since then we've been married 46 here. A whole lot. Trick or we get you guys think you're being part of Friday about the plague would have days. And think Earl is out of her mind all right Jessica talk. He adjusts her producers downed power you go to Mira mesa. I do OK this is a very act are about people are coming in and out I'm gonna reject people come here event. But don't be evil pocket and walked out with the Big Three big. The are you getting paid by Starbucks for that endorsement does not. I'm encouraging people to come here about no 100 spend too much. Your dreary season Colleen young woman our new associate producer Jessica as emir mesa markets and to passing out flags. And John Jamie's Friday in a thousand flags and grant from night to Greg is in Chula Vista hey Greg. Hey grant how as a golfer you guys on the added such a different world being out here in the morning but it didn't. Outplayed that might we've got in everybody summoned by grabbing their American flag we are out here at the Eric obit topic that we're not buy it unleashed. It filled it up some all black wrap the American flag gold record still are the right leg. Oh boy it should be noted that Greg did work nights and is now back in the morning welcome to seventy and now I know is a very rare time for you. I have not spoken up and we'll be dark they're buried on timeout period up. Thank you you're going to bed this time for the single the single guy all right enjoy their minds when Greg by the alias he is single and ready to mingle up. Is close at a seasoning gates and you're engaged are you gonna. All I'm hearing he's OK we kill the best. All I am and I'm just died in danger is girlfriend would appreciate that well and gonna do she wanted to play ball off our idea. God that you are you guys are fun. Well I just got tigers gave us. And again produces just a gross loans senator Le mesa cruise around with a the heat ray hi Jessica are new associate producer behind her she's so nice and near mesa market center outside Starbucks Ezra the fifteen Mira mesa and ninth with Greg. Is it terra nova shopping plaza in Chula Vista I'd go get your American flag and kick off. The fourth of July weekend at the K ethical and got away. It's John and jammies Friday 1000. Flags on okay SLA. Hurry jutting Tammy it's producers step with a Friday the thousand blazing gross months and Erica and I just handed it one American plague doing hero Victor and he stopped and had something to say. I just wanna say thank you for being out here for us. We went out there posting good lord the good fight. And is great to you guys out here know that we appreciate it in today's update thank you so much you'll continue played all wars that come our way. I have to give he'll hide behind Victor Hugo. You're number 3500. And in high by about their home hero until I get a hug and good and I think you make me. Can't be by the time we again. Remind yourself just ran on American flag on selling your last line but there's two other places you can go how let's jump over to Chula Vista as we are everywhere in San Diego counties that you're no shopping plaza to get more in nights with Greg Papa. Good morning nights with Greg. We're hanging out down here. Not to open the small mind if the American flag dramatically incumbent I had been told and I think you stop by Indian it that we didn't peak group until all the way to the outside the bank. We take my flag but he didn't fit don't get any better and where I call a little bit hypocritical. Thank you enjoy your big turnaround fair play and the world but people with third free religious freedom but how well they wouldn't take your flag. They won't do not expect the legs. Well I thought I would bet I know I'm a little. It's calendar till all the witnesses aren't allowed to accept any however it may be is considered a gift of some sort of an unmitigated. Interest in what we're learning center every day and and that's that we live in America where anybody can freely practice any religious zealots who doesn't. All right Greg America America buddy you give up the good work the ball back thank you very much take yourself tiger rag and last but not. At least by any stretch. We go to our news associate producer Jessica Jessica where you again. And I imagine hear me there marketplace where in Canada. There are about early yet I don't think it. Keen are you article this morning usage you wanted to be the very first person to your super competitive to hand out all your flags. Act how close are you. I'm or I don't handle well Jessica I got it I guess the bad news story. Bruce's death beaches. I I see it. But why not wow this this escalated quickly caught the tables have turned your son's sweet associate producer Jessica. I'm crying foul play. What do you think he gave you more than what she had it a go out and execute you know like Hewitt who read the earth and like I've only been given out one to each person. Once you drop did you stop two's probably calling on steroids era I don't think it's our analysts however it has didn't she get back to us how unbelievable. A lot of love your I love your passion for American Jessica you KeePass now those flags is the Friday of a thousand flags. Apparently the most you winding down pretty soon as we're almost out of flags which is great America throughout San Diego County Jessica good for you.