Food Fund: Sharon's Bid Donation

Friday, November 17th


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I read Janet's cafe and aliens and T and we're asking to bring nonperishable food items to help. The working wore the families of military families who are our night until he was there really hungry right now. And the of this lake something to eat it again a pipe casing a piece a pile up like all right we have another cast this personal what is your name is Sharon. And Syrian that you brought in a donation can you explain this donation please. Live in an east county residents since I was like eleven years old smoke and Japanese count me and I know he's count me as an awesome place. Live and we represent. And it's been up last year from me and I have an opportunity to present. That blessing to you guys today and the today. Will he knew who I embarrass you by asking with the blessing is or you'll music you can and amazing 500. Dollar donation. Kodak. Now it's I don't know if you noticed but one dollar. Equals five meals. Soul. And we do the math right now appear with me. 500 dollars. I believe equals 25 million meals I write a book that I thought I'd night that misses you and that you provided 5000. Meals. No in my wrong we 1057500. Often as bad testing your map this morning regardless thousands of people are eating because if you. Now it's fantastic that's what this is about this is comedian and I have to say I'm pretty sure that's I'm gonna put. He's county over the top. I. Kirk or Kirk does acknowledge us now. South bay last week and now he's Connie is representing. Thank you very much and have a wonderful Thanksgiving thank you to.