Food Fund: Santee Fire Department and San Diego Food Bank's Jim Flores

Friday, November 17th


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We'll celebrate some heroes in town here since he fires with this Billy give warnings are in mourning as are you doing that we appreciate your view things what you do that things are being here they queue in for which he has OpenId and Kyra and we had to have find. Out in detail the guys that do alive five bulldogs scale. Lot of money. So you are here representing obviously the community of my apartment. This community is so great I obviously am a big beauty county and I live out here and I love it. What is it what is your favorite thing about working here in in east county what what is it that that makes use the most happy to be here. You know the reason aid. Joseph work for the city fire department is because as. Community programs at this city puts out. Coming up now for a Christmas season and we do you have cities in us. Are we have a food drive him to drive it goes out as well I'll fire department it's out there all the members of the community out there and our truck and weigh in all our citizens that need. And it's it's a real privilege to see on that. Yeah goes together between comedian or our apartment. I love seeing how firefighters is really dig their job somewhat generous in a fire very is to me about it. Susan do you like wait for fuel as we do for a living easy Wragge of a firefighter. You know it is get the document is we we love our jobs and I adding everyone knew ovals at eleven gods they don't mind talking about it please that's us. Well thank you for keeping communities in a million are making their fire department or that he will handle deal all right sadly we go to gym floor as I I. How the Packers against the bears on what is. Gym floor rose from the San Diego food making is the big boss he's the CEO. And I wanna get take this opportunity right now to and on behalf of sharing and who is much too. Humble humble and shy to present this view of princes 500 dollar check for the city of food may well I urge you guys earlier in your math is a little unaware or it is when he 500 meals but that is an amazing contributions they have so much. That's 'cause that's what I 500 reals in your hand right now right there that's amazing what people tell us how you can stretch one dollar and a five mile well you know because we have this huge volunteer base we have about 20000 registered volunteers food donations we buy a lot of football so we can take all that together we connect to one dollar leveraged and five meals excellent excellent excellent and though what else is happening right now exciting news in the studio from things will holly who drive all food being called times that the two month campaign will do a lot of food it will bring about half for a annual budget as far as donations. We want third diaper program so for single moms who can't afford diapers and can't go to work because they don't can afford diapers again right now we're human free diapers. I think at some fantastic addition by the way that's one that a lot of people don't realize what is needed because of somebody. Just doesn't have the money that's a lot of money papers are expensive and so sometimes they pride. Stretched one as long as they candidates. That's not good. Our whole science is about lifting people out of poverty sickness and LaMont maybe shoes on tell Frazier food stamps. She gets the job which is great step toward support her family is subsidized daycare no step towards bring your family and Marty and an end of the month she runs out of buy diapers. And go to your kids daycare which means she can go to work which means that she does that enough she lose their jobs Beckham can offer yeah here it's all cyclical and you start have you. All right one more thing what do you think of our new home at 1037. Guys so it's awesome I think it'll be an easy transition and from what I am I here from management will make you so a lot smarter always that. That all right I do know that it's bigger stronger it's a better signal and it gets farther than we ever have before so we can reach more people willing you know we had two or the north cutting food bank you know a couple years ago so this'll help your signal on appreciate that. Our ability for Santee fire appreciate you do for a studio in the food bank.