Food Fund: Rob from the U.S. Border Patrol

Friday, November 17th


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We are celebrating all things he's counted community involved as well with John Jamie's food fund today Robert Reid is a Border Patrol agent. Joining us this morning how lawyer Robert it is a general good thank you it's it's cool to be here is it cool to call it Robert. Usually go by rob all relevant period so first and foremost thank you for your service and live IRA is bringing you have one of the most dangerous jobs. And we appreciate that you're there for us. Tell something that we might not know about the quarterbacks or maybe something that with your shopper things that you experience that we knew we wouldn't. No. We. Are actually on the border my only exposure to the Border Patrol was through the checkpoints on the highways and so I think a lot of people don't realize exactly where the US Mexico border is and that we're down on it each and every day 24 sevenths OK we'll cool used to say please rob we appreciate what you do and thanks for helping us stock the food bank today Okinawa. All right I'm us. Mean they do. Your program. I was like all nervous like. I can cling to rob them not a pop up she doesn't under his or her off the when he suggested it cost me but now for whatever reasons he's dale coy in nervous well it's just because we always wanna see giant cuts don't mean I mean that's that's a fun picture to what appear to be at all menacing at all rock. No I don't think you have not yet all thank you are on air personalities OK okay well he's you can't. We are proud of NASCAR to a regular you mean eyes yeah you know about it. It's only answer I can't do it. Does give. Christina be safe okay I will and thank you for doing which you do not appreciate everything and as we continue to celebrate our community of not only Santee with east county we say good morning to our familiar friend the near. Of El Cajon near bill wells joins Antonio well hey good morning how are great to see you again that but a friend of the show for so many years and we thank you for being on your to do we know you're very busy. Oh yes I'm crazy busy at seven them or not. I think there's that non stop near clock always working you know I was up at 3 o'clock this morning starting her mayoral duties so I'll pick and. I. Duties okay Atlanta actually wanna shake your hand you actually rather not none of them are actually now officially my Maynard now I moved up to crest right would have spelled out so. Thank you and you and the complaints and pouring in her husband is up all hours of talking and drinking Scotch. What is the completing a prop up I. What do you know column that that we liked it to give a shout out to right now. Well you know up on Sunday were having a mother goose raised rates we're doing this for forty some odd years down. And it starts at 1 o'clock and everybody should come it's a huge parade yeah if you have your bid to the Mike yes absolutely I have is legendary. It is legendary yeah absolutely. Actually I remember going to the bug spray when I was. Our first everywhere when I was four beyond my dad's shoulders and the call. That's all night the mayor of its count how amazing that. Four year old sitting on dad's shoulders whatever your look and you could be part of that or me for possible reelection you can put some people on your shoulders and farewells at. What you caught and let's let's start your campaign that day on modular all the little bit bigger it. We appreciate your support mere wealth you've supported giant team in the morning I think we came here in and we love you for that. You don't you pay about one other cool we were doing on November 25. We're having a tree lights are we we have this. Giant Christmas tree and at 7 o'clock in the evening we like. At the end of a long they have fun with a bigger snowing and skated for the kids is up front audience that's really neat as the thousands of people come around Christmas tree in a recent Christmas carols and you don't such great work when they'll calling your time as mayor and get team of people around you but it does the US leadership and we know that you're very popular mayor and you're certainly one of our favorites a thank you sir populace insist on coming up show will go with an attitude. I don't go to. I could mayor wells is done. Thank you sir it's great view again and happy Thanksgiving it.