Food Fund: Meet Officer Jake

Friday, November 10th


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We also are silver in the community where we are self pay just the entire area. A part of that would be Chula Vista and from Chula Vista on one of the pride and joys of the California Highway Patrol. Officer Jake Sanchez officer Jake we collegiate. Which he's Google's in my office and I think you how are you that's great it's easy to thank you for your service I appreciate them do very well that morning and couldn't be happier right now we need to get you high five. And then at that 5004000. And tune in our quest. High 55000 hometown heroes officer Jay do you know me people 5000 as well it's 5000 but he on the long it takes to get I 5000 high fives lord we thought the Packers hit me pretty store and and I'll. Is the least we can do knowing all about what you what you guys do for us so you're sharing I'm pretty hilarious story sure you've got a lot of them as duo of your colleagues. As are some of the Warren usual things you've seen or experienced while pulling some. I'm not a law abiding people over here in Southern California. Yeah one of the things so I was driver on the fifteen was might be back in the days to work if all the time and I looked over my right young lady owners cellphone. Don't know and that or she does not Simi witches. Partly because she's on the cellphone rang a 63 people who want when you see that happening in your arms concern for the safety of others but when you see a woman you're about to pull over. She's on her cellphone and doesn't see you coming you teach you something inside your inner voice. All the time Ehrlich I'd started laughing after you do what you did Hogan that was out loud. Talkers though. That pulled next or that's a victory here and we go about a mile before she fine so please me. And when she sees me if you let them right there watching her which event takes herself when it begins to brush her hair with her. Oh. If you couldn't figure that down likes guys that buyers athletic director of the patrol car and it pilots in the program does when does that give points for creativity or anything. It take you did make me laugh but she's gonna take him. It's your game finishing. Because we were talking earlier too you also write a motorcycle and you were talking about the one of the biggest problems on them motorcycle people don't see because they're on their own. And I keep its history people can't spring for reason why we don't wanna be. Hurting people. On the Morse code has more gold. Medal round them here like it's yeah I officer Jake it's nice to meet you thank you for what you do in keeping our streets safe. I knew BC yourself okay that your version and I.