Food Fund: Mayor Mary Salas

Friday, November 10th


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Our next guest didn't have too far a drive compounding this morning the mayor of Chula Vista area Alison with the. The name is to me how we structure for your. And and it. It would is isn't here too busy these days of driving around like look at the street and. And just being out of the Euro area every day must he had an the reason really is not just that we've got lots of street Peter's going on that. Just the beauty and the people you know we have Austin people live in the city to this. There's it's giving people so I hope they come out and drop off a lot of these three here thing and it well you know analysts analysts speaking at turf battles here you know North County last weekend. Coming almost 40000. Meals and okay children this state got to come out here we can't be beat by north county. And if you can't make it out here you can always accused in dot com because we have a virtual food drive where he can donate right there. In a panel were the days. So mayors Alice I've been reading about two vista's been doing about recently that's crazy cool stuff happening. Especially down by the harbor right yeah I went down on the day when looking at construction of that 14100 gram. Could hotel and convention center dammit it's in transformer beachfront. And that percolating it's a partnership with the city utilities and the port. And you know we got a great to golfers there and it's going to be healer hotels so we're really excited that you wanted your very busy because of that as well that. Busy with that man busy with everything else that's happening until this unit to the east we've got that great university and research park. We got the moment that's that's being built up there. We put in an awesome proposal to try to get Amazon here. We know that that might be alarmed shot Mitchell the states are at their best foot forward and put an awesome proposal together a proposal to Emma. Well you know we have 42 of them yeah. Will we have a lot of acid and you know we're looking at competition in this city's within the United States. We have some things that we can offered it very just. That are just phenomenal number one is a shovel ready project that we can yet. Five million. I'm square feet of office space built in the time they want and we have a Jason land where they can expand. The cities are offering up 35 acres apart. 375. Acres we got set aside for university of pain and anger I am offering fast track permitting. Were doing for him forgiveness net sales tax or excuse me property tax for sometime. So it's a 400 million dollar package and that doesn't conduct consideration today you know that. The seven billion it new Jersey's. You know throwing their weight but who wants to live in New Jersey and hears the words right. On now besides being smeared besides being among your agreement to pasture and you money you like a shout out your greens yeah oh yeah okay so Mikey Marisa and Ager and a if you're listening tuning in yeah. Well you know school first some other others yet. And it was a week in May be in bad. Thing that you have my grandkids are on them my daughters with them. I'm really blessed with a great family and you know this coming on. It Thanksgiving season you know we need to do our best to provide for people that don't have yet so I really appreciate what hastens to bring an option you think they mayors and ask thank you keep up the good work thank you. Go back to work to do. It's time to check. Lot of things right now I right.