Food Fund: Matt the Master Model Builder

Friday, November 3rd


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We know which we can't talk about Carlsbad without talking about what our stone's throw away from Lego land and that let's say good morning to this guy. I mean it's not often you needed a guy that so many people would love to have his job. A master model builder mats Lego man. Luckily NAFTA model builder what what would you prefer that the absolute master model builder and master matched the bottle opener and okay scale of one to ten how much do you love your job brawny right. It's a dream come true sir. As every day lock in and I I look around I want as a market to the park guy goes Campillo yeah it's it's that it's amazing so how does one. Get this job how would how did you end up becoming a master builder. So it starts when I was six years old. I got my first latest. And then when I was eight legal in California first opens and so me in my being local team him which the park all the time right. And there's a running joke my dream 01 day match gonna grow up and become a master marble there. Fast forward fifteen somewhat years hear him. Wow so how did you start I mean what was your first job at legally and so I started this summer jobs pay for college by works in the big shot. Or to retail. So I've probably met some of your listeners rain and then I realized being amass a model builder was an actual real job you could do. And I said oh I wanna do that. Aside I dusted off all my leg as they had from when I was a kid I started building again. And it took me here in the and I nom from film has amassed a model where a question we met. Master model builder is that it is or step to get to masters like apprentice mile build their first. There's also a lot of older. Okay weekend part time model builders has mastered the highest you can go yeah that is that is gathers a couple under lesser on the world. It's we you know building for all all the different parks and on the such as well what are you most proud of all of the models that are in legal and what's one that if we go by that's what what part. The list is so long the I have a model in C inference is immediately in San Francisco. It is a big brick building. Built at a Lego bricks that I would moves like brick. And it's huge is thing was like three feet by a five feet. And it's like two or three feet tall. Like when the first big buildings I built. And sides should try to access the first one or is that big massive thing that as a kid you always wanted yeah build the biggest. Models I've brought my favorite. I've master model color and all. Appreciate it meant they stopped by today and go build the model and yeah we have things are sent now for Christmas now by next week I'm be helping install our thirty foot tall later duke blue Christmas tree. I was just thirty or 250000. While bricks at them even has a couple hundred flights in and fifty some odd ball ornaments on it. What we're trying to support forgotten Erica I'll try my very best. Appreciate you very much thank you coming out.