Food Fund: Leslie is Going to the South Pole

Friday, November 10th


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Leslie is a high school teachers science teacher right here in 2 Vista good morning Leslie in Barney now why is stimulus glee she's about two one South Pole expedition at. CME clearing some snags here and actually going to be taking down the South Pole with me in about two weeks of the south pull himself David is a whole the actual geographic awful very bottom of the world that we are pleased to vacation. Yet yeah. What the witnesses taxis a serious steal your signs teacher. This is you're going there to be a scientist I am and that is so cool this opportunity of a lifetime and you definitely I was elected as a polar tech teacher through the national Andy's a polar trek teacher and McCain knows that. It. There about 250 teachers supplier in the world to become an apple teacher goes down and use science in different parts of the polar regions and I got elected. An expedition at the top. Of that and here's a look at. And now that the prospector from rude you know I'm definitely wearing a different air right now it costs of and so what kind of experience are you gonna do what kind of science are you gonna be doing now down there than actually going to be joining some neutrino country looking for small sub atomic particles that look Astor physical. OK I. I think he lost his I'll pull out your your race you are California girl rate I am have you ever experienced any kind of winter. I thought it's now. At its peppers all mine that. And you're well. How are you preparing yourself. Yeah. Yeah. And now on either. It's exciting bringing his light. Like people were citing. Come here prepared to and what that is all. Oppose it out. And thoughtful. I'd. Tell you. A couple when he was appalled if the typical of the way out of work. It's east. I like your. Neck and other coffee shops there. Okay. If you don't mind and it this is. The ads so. We definitely them. Don't go in this. I. Well we've lost Tami let's. I know. That I know hobby now let them feel those clothes from her reports he has geez let's not OK it was indeed safe. Come out and sign Leslie's flag is filled with signatures right now you're students was super audio. Being you okay awesome BC about their okay.